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Vlad Gerasimov 2 Oktober 2007
I think the aliens out there are not so different after all! :-)

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Kommentare {42}

zu vor langer Zeit
jaja excelent! muy bueno! :D

Justin Murray vor langer Zeit
great as always vlad. i keep checking for your halloween wallpapers. im really hoping you do a few of them this year. I have an idea "The Two Go Trick-Or-Treating" :)

vor langer Zeit

Charles vor langer Zeit
Wowwwwwwwwwww~~~~~~~~~ It's make me crazy Thanks

0tchX vor langer Zeit

son vor langer Zeit

A vor langer Zeit
your Ideas ..simply amazingly!! Incredible !!! this one is absolutely my FAV...

Nita vor langer Zeit
That's just adooorable Vlad.

Manolo vor langer Zeit
muito bom. Que sentido de humor!!!!

estherka vor langer Zeit
Very cute! Many housewives would sometimes need 4 hands. ;-) Great job, Vlad.

Ruby Pipes vor langer Zeit
You're entirely fantastic.

feng shaun vor langer Zeit
nice piece!

LucasDT vor langer Zeit
Great as usual

ribbot vor langer Zeit
I like how you added 4 arms on the shirt too!

kacenka vor langer Zeit
It made me laugh as usual ... fantastic! :-)

vicsun vor langer Zeit
good job. like it.

Mohwmmed Korashy vor langer Zeit
Here It Comes Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This Is The Work That I Love This Is WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW

none 11 Juni 2008
it's very cute

Joasia 30 August 2008
Beautiful xD

Grace 4 Mai 2009
really, really cute!!! wonderful job!

shima 22 September 2010
give some wedding painting please!!!!!

Cynthia vor langer Zeit
Very nice, simple and lovely. Great work Vlad!

Thomas vor langer Zeit
Since I've discovered your page and with my heart your art, I feel more happy! Thanx

Andy I vor langer Zeit
Your artwork makes me feel good!!

shinthil vor langer Zeit
wuuuuuiiiiyyyyaaaa,so cute,luv it,great idea

bestest man vor langer Zeit
아주좋아요^^ 좋은하루되세요! have a nice day

sky vor langer Zeit
so cule~~ i love it

Morgan Vitt vor langer Zeit
I love your work, but especially this piece.

shailesh vor langer Zeit
fantastic & i really enjoy it

manu vor langer Zeit

Ampit vor langer Zeit
I love it. Thanks

Sebastian vor langer Zeit
Haha, cute, especially the astronaut on the wall, thubs up.

steffer vor langer Zeit
I love it, especially the dog. :-)

Piotr vor langer Zeit
But why the astronaut on the picture has just two legs and two hands? Or is it just an intergalactical love...? ;)

Moo vor langer Zeit
So cute!! :)

Karla vor langer Zeit
Que lindo, me encanta el perro...

Sergio Bonfiglio vor langer Zeit
Haha. Great senseof humour. Great Vlad.

Lilly vor langer Zeit
Hmmm..... Nice.

Rit@ 2 Mai 2008
I love it!! but in blue and pink it's much better......... ;) I have try it and I love it!

Ramy 17 Juni 2008
I love it

Louise 31 Januar 2009
shows women are multi tallented! We can do many things at once. LOVE THIS PICTURE. AS I DO ALL YOUR WORK!

Jessi 19 Juli 2013
WOW,It's wonderful!!

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