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Quadratischer Elefant

Quadratischer Elefant

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Kommentare {55}

Thomas Garry vor langer Zeit
This is LOW quality?! You need to take a look at Window's available wallpaper. That's ......nasty.(except that in Vista)

dima vor langer Zeit
Amelie, apparently this one is very young mammoth who've just lost his baby teeth :)

Ruby Pipes vor langer Zeit
I really like this one. And yeah, I've been registered for life for some time now and never, ever second-guessed it.

Amelie vor langer Zeit
One little question : where his tusk is? :-s

Christina Levacsics vor langer Zeit
dear Vlad, this gorgeous fuzzy elephant is fan-tas-tic! Your wallpapers are the highlight of my day! The detail & creativity in your work is inspirational. I am so glad i found you!

oomengnan vor langer Zeit
I like it !

Caleb vor langer Zeit
Great artwork. Thanks.

Naiani vor langer Zeit
I've been a fan of you for quite some time. Unfortunately I haven't had the chance, so far, to register. You're one of the only artists I've ever considered registering (the other 2 ones make The Sims 2 stuff xD). This is great, as usual. I never expect less than great when it comes to your wallpapers. Hopefully, as soon as I get a new credit card, I'll be able to register for life. =D Keep up the amazing work!

gokben (turkiye) vor langer Zeit
coooooooooooooooooook guzeeeeeeeeeeeeel !

KevHead vor langer Zeit
Very cool Vlad! I like the Pattern in the background. Will you post the layered PS file for this one? I have also been a lifetime member for quite some time and have a nice collection of your wallpapers that I change periodically. Your work is nothing short of brilliant! Keep up the great work.

Haz vor langer Zeit
I've registered some time ago and I don't regret it. Vlad, your work is amazing. But I wish you could make more tutorials... ;)

Claudio Mastrapasqua vor langer Zeit
Me too... I'm really happy about the reg. lifetime :)

Vlad Gerasimov vor langer Zeit
Thanh Vuong: thank you very much! I really appreciate it.

LucasDT vor langer Zeit
The texture of the skin is great! I cannot get what's on the portrait... is it a small elefant something?

Mike vor langer Zeit
Outstanding Vlad, as usual.

murphy vor langer Zeit
Thanks for this great wallpaper.

MaCe vor langer Zeit
You spoil us, Vlad:)

forrestRain vor langer Zeit
Took the discount and Registered about 6 months back... enjoying it every day. Take the current discount everyone!

darthvinyll vor langer Zeit
great stuff!

Any:) 6 Januar 2008
I like it !

tung nguyen 10 Februar 2008
very nice, thank you

z4wil 30 August 2008
Vlad, you're the great artist...! Have a nice day.

Wolford 12 Juni 2009
y is not banana clock?

Im :-) 22 April 2010
what do you mean maybe somebody will like's fantastic!

浅浅诙 20 März 2011

mint 2 September 2011

Lee 8 September 2013
I just found this amazing art around one year ago and I love it! I've used it for at least a year. Can you make another one similar to this?

Matthew Bentley vor langer Zeit
Hey Vlad, do you think you could make a new wallpaper with just the background of this one on it? I think its awesome!

Carlos Villarreal de la Rosa vor langer Zeit
One of my favorites

Coyote vor langer Zeit
I love the colors and the textures! The look on the elephant's face is really cute, too :)

Amelie vor langer Zeit
p.s - i hope tusk is the correct term. tusk/ivory, one of this

Ell vor langer Zeit
in my opinion, it's a lovely small mammoth... :-)

Teresa vor langer Zeit
I love it :) All your wallpapers with elephants are great ! So beautifull...

JZ vor langer Zeit
Trying to download the dual-screen ones. But unavailable for free. =(

Ell vor langer Zeit
Amelie: he is too young to have tusks :). but he is shaggy, unambiguously

Desiree vor langer Zeit
Not strange at all, awesome!

szilvia vor langer Zeit
strange? it's just as strange as breathing :) thank you again, it's awesome!

Jonathan vor langer Zeit
Absolutely wonderful, very unique and gorgeous. I love it! :-)

Anthony vor langer Zeit
Yep, another one here just registered for life! Great art and great textures. Stuff like this is hard to find and to find it all in one site is amazing! Keep up the great work Vlad!

Mohammed Korashy vor langer Zeit
So Nice But I Really Mised Your Softshape Wallpapers Like Wake up , at offce, .....Wallpapers Which Reflect So Deep Psychological childhood emotions That's Your Best Pieces Ever And You Are The Best Man Who Do It . . .Ever!

Sebastian vor langer Zeit
Nice WP, im just curious, do you know how many visitors you have had on your site? would be nice if you posted the reply :)

Thanh Vuong vor langer Zeit
It's not strange at all. It's great! I've just registered for life and I believe your art is worth every dollar. Thanks for much.

Vlad Gerasimov vor langer Zeit
KevHead: thanks for notice! I published PSD files for this wallpaper, and previous one (Patek Philippe Watch) - so registered users can download and review how layers are done! Thanks.

Ariyo vor langer Zeit
Awesome Vlad. I love the fact that you have new art work everyday. Keep it up.

illdani - vor langer Zeit
ahahahahaha great as usual!

:::Mahrad:: vor langer Zeit
I love it!

undo vor langer Zeit
I love this one. Something about the elephant makes it just so... adorable :)

feng shaun vor langer Zeit
hahaha...very nice done!

Natalya 9 Januar 2008
You're really great!!!

Carlos Villarreal de la Rosa 4 März 2008
Can you make a new wallpaper with the baby elephant in the portrait?

Naeskciw 10 Oktober 2008
Vlad, this is the most amazing wallpaper I have ever seen! It's been my wallpaper on my desktop for quite sometime. Do you think you might create another wallpaper that includes Square Elephant? Thanks Vlad, very amazed by your work.

leeJOY 1 September 2010

Desu chan 20 Juni 2011
i really liked it. it is a very abstract work in a way that anybody can enjoy. i love all the textures too! it makes it look out it's popping out at you. and the portrait of the baby elephant on his head is absolutly adorable! love it!

Thành Nguyễn 15 Mai 2014
very nice, i love it

Gastón González 31 Oktober 2015
Muy bueno

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