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Message in  a Bottle

Message in a Bottle

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Kommentare {59}

Lauren vor langer Zeit
Ok, now I have that Police song in my head LOL. :)

Safa vor langer Zeit
(L) toooo cooool (L)

Marti vor langer Zeit
The saddest picture ever seen.. So hopeless. Love it.

sdsd vor langer Zeit

ASA vor langer Zeit

ale XD vor langer Zeit
esta lindísimo!!!

crescent* vor langer Zeit
I don't understand it :s

FreeStoring vor langer Zeit
hay!! good project :) senks :)

Sahar vor langer Zeit
yeah,I sent one too. In next pic ,draw someone waiting for bottle.

arash vor langer Zeit
i recive your sos you are not alone

mostafa vor langer Zeit
I'll send an SOS to the world yeki be ma ham komak koneh!

Cynthia vor langer Zeit
You're a kind person and you'll never be alone. Fantastic work. :-)

Woz vor langer Zeit
I always thought that song was The Police?

Lucia vor langer Zeit
ohhh so beatiful!!! great job!! it's an amazing picture :-D and i love blue

robie vor langer Zeit
i love your work. i'm sure you're not alone. i'm in costa rica, but i'm with you :)

Ernie vor langer Zeit
as always, you express so perfectly in pictures what is difficult to express in words

M vor langer Zeit
Ah, it's so sweet and so sad... Thanks for another lovely wallpaper! :)

ensuhShinecef 23 Januar 2008
Hello! Nice site ;) Bye

razer22 29 Januar 2008
Site Good Very

my name no name please find me if You Are... 2 März 2008
what a long name lol I know ...message in a bottle ..strange and nice beig here writing this...I gave you a name Ghelion 'cause I'don't know your name ...I've never even seen your face but the shiver tells me that you are every single day with me...are you alive?...maybe for a case of serendipity you'll find this message light ...reminds you something..shiver...happiness just thinking about someone you've never met...anyway wherever you are be happy please... ve onaih preseu

thans ..shelty 14 April 2008
Hi Shelty...maybe I'm wrong maybe not..but I thought you were writing about my message ...if it is so thanks a lot...I wish you an ocean of happiness...waves of sunny thoughts...bye.. a sugestion ..listen ... 'thais' by Massenet...simple copy this name and search the melody on a melody....a feeling... rw?

Troy 23 April 2008
sick picture dog i love it

JAr 24 April 2008
Hi 'my name no name please find me if You Are' beautiful words... I'm glad in the world someone can still believe in 'something beautifull' bye I hope a lot of happiness in your life

holly 18 Mai 2008
so awesome that is so cool how they made this picture

aadi 8 Juli 2008
hey nice

Abhaya 26 Juli 2009
WOW!! All of your work is truly awesome!!! Its unlike anything i've seen on the internet so far... Its so special... So Unique... Thank you for sharing your work with us.... Pray you have a beautiful life... Just like your pictures... Love, Abhaya from Pune, India

Hi 'my name no name please find me if You Are 27 April 2016
ty JAr.. after all this time i found this web site cause i friend sent me and i saw you replied ... funny :D i wish you of course same

wendy vor langer Zeit

d_nee vor langer Zeit

M!k! vor langer Zeit
Good Job :-S

Angfoo vor langer Zeit
Their Vodka bottles right, haha

linc vor langer Zeit
its perfect,, i cant say anyhing this imagination..

JeriC vor langer Zeit
I love this song.

yxydodo vor langer Zeit
So cute and sweet :-D Everyone on this earth is not easy, so we are not alone!!

eduardo vor langer Zeit
esta genial los wallpapers estan super originales....

Uvzul vor langer Zeit
le meilleur de tous, no coment the best one, respect !!

kacenka vor langer Zeit

Karla vor langer Zeit
me identifico con esta imagen, muy buena, expresa mucho !!! Gracias... animate ;-)

Câline vor langer Zeit
You're not alone!

Omid vor langer Zeit
Good work mr lonely (Y)

Shamsi khanoom vor langer Zeit
One of my best frinds introduced this site to me! It is so lovely.....(L)

cam vor langer Zeit
my favourite :-)

Fairy vor langer Zeit
It's COOL! Good job, Vlad!

Bibi vor langer Zeit
This is me... :-(

Ben vor langer Zeit
We all enjoy your wonderful work Vlad, thank you.

SAW vor langer Zeit
quintessential. Thanks.

Woz vor langer Zeit
Very cool by the way.

maneli 18 Januar 2008
ohhh how lovely this is:)

Snoopy 29 Januar 2008
Wonderfull great site

Janni 30 Januar 2008
tales Gloomy

Shelty 13 März 2008
You will newer walk alone

Costin 1 April 2008
Good work, master. Best regards.

thanks 11 April 2008
Hi Shelty...maybe I'm wrong maybe not..but I thought you were writing about my message ...if it is so thanks a lot...I wish you an ocean of happiness...waves of sunny thoughts...bye

my name no name please find me if You Are...: 20 April 2008
Hi Ghel I'm again...leaving message...a piece of paper in a bottle...I like staying here sitting on the seaside watching the sparkling bottle sailing on a wave and then anothe wave and so on...till it reaches the orizon and disapeares...then I know it is starting the long way home searching for you asking every single fish, turtle, rock even to strange imaginay creatures...Ve onaih...I trust You are and every moment I think about you even if I've never seen your could be an azalea lol hihiih...well anyway my sweet Azalea I feel happy and It's alway a sunny day even when It's raining if I take a second just think f you...a smile rise on my face and It's a beautiful day...take care where you are whatever you are cause I Care...wait for me I'll be back writting you again in this amazing seaside...

SUNata 3 Juni 2008

sunny...per SUNata 23 Juni 2008
HI Sunata what does it mean ..Зацепило...??? :-) bye

camila 10 Mai 2010

Lost and Lonely 28 Mai 2010
This is exactly how I feel, like I'm a castaway on some forgotten Island, trying to find my way home! Thanks Vlad, I know I'm not alone.

eiman 10 Oktober 2014
your picture The Leaning Tower of Pisa i one of the best i thought but this on is the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest its a very windy day the wind is blowing very stongly

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