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QR Wise Quote #6

QR Wise Quote #6

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Kommentare {8}

nes 11 Mai 2011

Kelly S 13 Mai 2011
Love it

Muhammad 26 Juni 2011
I like the QR code wallpapers. They seem elegant and interesting.

Ciwan 22 Juli 2011
please please Vlad Gerasimov. Give us the option of plain stylish text too. I don't like the QR, I want to see the quote, without going to my iPhone, opening an App and reading it !!

Иван. С 11 Mai 2011
А где Steve Jobs ? а в целом серия очень хорошая !

Aine Calgaro 24 Mai 2011
I love these! Could you do a quote by a woman? Marie Curie, perhaps?

4 Juli 2011
妈的 死老外 个破壁纸还要美金!!!

Roberto 2 Februar 2012
Do you have a Quote from Winston Churchill?

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