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Kommentare {31}

Omid vor langer Zeit
It's Beautiful

serenabox vor langer Zeit
when I saw this multicolor wall I was remenber a windows creation

Caline vor langer Zeit
And this is my favourite of the series. WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!

Jaideep vor langer Zeit
The Rainbow River!!!!!

Luzma vor langer Zeit
It looks like a parrot's feathers. Beautiful!!!!!!!

Nico vor langer Zeit
Great one! It has just replaced "Spectrum" on my screen! Keep on doing great stuffs like this!

Josh vor langer Zeit
Cool tip if you're on a Mac: Download all the wallpapers of this Eos series to a new folder. Go to your desktop wallpaper preferences, select "Choose folder," then browse for and select this folder. Check the box to automatically change the picture, then set the timeframe to be every 5 seconds. Check "Random order" if you like. Now the wallpaper slowly fades through all the different colors every few seconds. Very, very cool.

poone vor langer Zeit
very cute, vlad ;)

Somer vor langer Zeit
This one is perfect...

amr 27 März 2008
good working

Matthew Long 23 November 2008
Vlad, nice going!

pantera 30 Juni 2009
este fondo esta genial esta bien curado, uno de libros estaria bien

kaxa 9 Dezember 2009

Alexandru Butica 20 Juli 2013
Hello In the "how to" section it shows this wallpaper with a Lens Blur effect. It was once available for download (because I have it set as wallpaper), but now it's gone. Can you make the blurred version available again? I like it much better with that blur. It gives it a sense of depth. Thanks!

PRIYANKA MITRA vor langer Zeit

aimee vor langer Zeit

DENNY vor langer Zeit
full colour...

Moo vor langer Zeit
This colourful one is my favourite!

Sergio Bonfiglio vor langer Zeit
relaxing and colorful. Beautiful.

Vlad Gerasimov vor langer Zeit
Josh - wooaaah! Thanks for the tip! I never realized that OS X built-in wallpaper changer has this nice fading effect. I just tried it - and it looks awesome! Just in case, here is config screenshot:

ASA vor langer Zeit

kjcookie vor langer Zeit
its really beautiful! especially how the details were captured!

poison vor langer Zeit
vlad always gives me surprise

LucasDT vor langer Zeit
I usually don't like so colourfull wallpapers, but this one just works. Please keep on making wallpapers of this quality! I have to say, I'm becoming your #1 fan!

Meg 13 März 2008
It looks so realistic! As if I were in a fabric shop!

katrinne 10 November 2008
cool one ;) once again the day is saved thanks to : the wallpapers of vlad :D

Retj 6 Juni 2009
Beautiful, but gay LoL.

SONIC-X 17 November 2009
Well done

anis 9 August 2011
its beutifull

marnueses 12 Mai 2014
Just perfect!, thanks a lot!

Madove 13 November 2015
I use this everywhere and I love it so much! Thank you!

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