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Underwater 2 - making of

Start with blank document. Fill background layer with gradient going from light blue to dark blue.

In Layer effects, use very large (250px) black Inner Glow, with blend mode = overlay.

In new layer, select very large brush, set color to white and put a single dot.

Transform layer (Ctrl-T) to make dot width less and height more.

Move white dot to top of image (so that only bottom half of  it is visible) and set its layer blend mode to Overlay.

Duplicate this layer and make it about 50% smaller.

Next step is  to create nice light rays. Create new document, with square size (width = height), and width is about 200% of your original image width. (if you design wallpaper at 1024x768, create 2000x2000 image). Fill it with any color, and in Layer effects, check Gradient Overlay. Open dropdown list of gradient selection, select Noise family of gradients, and select any noise gradient. Then, set Style to Angle.

To convert Layer effect to editable image, flatten image (from Layer menu). Desaturate (Ctrl-Shift-U).

Crop image as shown here. Example: if entire image with gradient is 2000x2000, crop to 1024x768.

Copy all (Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C) and paste into our original image.

Then, simply set the blend mode of this layer to Overlay. Voila!

Next step is some bubbles. Select 19px hard brush, and set its spacing to very large value (500-700%).

Also, check Shape Dynamics, and set size jitter and minimum diameter as shown here.

Make some chaotic btush strokes.

Set layer blend mode to screen (this will make black dots invisible). Then, use layer effects (such as inner glow, drop shadow, bevel and emboss) to make dots look like bubbles. Registered users can download PSD file from Downloads page of  my site, and see what exactly effects are used.

Repeat bubble-making steps 3-4 times.

...and here is the result!

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peter · vor langer Zeit

greimon · vor langer Zeit
cool tutorial...where I can get any of tutorial..thanks...

eddiE · vor langer Zeit
I have been an advanced user of PS, but never the "creative" type, your tutorials have inspired me to move in a more fullfilling direction rather than just photo composition and retouching. A big THANKS!

PJ Phasmid · vor langer Zeit
What a great tutorial. Your site is awesome. I can't seem to leave it. I'm finding all kinds of kewl things :)

dupa · vor langer Zeit
m8, ur works are awwsome ^^

Luka, Croatia · vor langer Zeit
Vlad, every time I return to your site I'm amazed with your work. Keep up the good work :)

Slack · vor langer Zeit
Dude, you're good!

Aline · vor langer Zeit
Most of the time Photoshop makes my brain hurt lol, but the things you can do with this program is simply amazing. I wish you nothing but continued success. YY

James Loudon · vor langer Zeit
Vlad, thanks so much for sharing with us. I think your work is excellent. Wishing you continued success!

resun · vor langer Zeit
very nice,i like it!

Karla · vor langer Zeit
100% Relax!!!!

Andrea · vor langer Zeit

ekrai munsyi · vor langer Zeit
nuhun pisan vlad!

Hugo · vor langer Zeit
Quite impressive. Congratulations!

Mush · vor langer Zeit
Vlad u are the best!

Justin · vor langer Zeit
the things you can do...and how simple they turn out to be (most of the time) is simply amazing. thanks vlad!

Cynthia · vor langer Zeit
I started using Photoshop when I saw your tutorials and I've using nearly all the tools. Now I feel more confident and I can make more than few things by myself. I can't find a word big enough to say THANKS! Your creativity and talent have touch many of us and inspirated to "try" to make beautiful things too. Thanks again for sharing.

Vlad Gerasimov · vor langer Zeit
Thanks everyone for such warm comments! I really appreciate them.

Bloopie · vor langer Zeit
You inspire me.

Martin · vor langer Zeit
I have no words .. so simple .. and so amazing .. Thank you Vlad ... greeting from Slovakia

Aleksey · vor langer Zeit
Very nice tut, m8! I'll try to make wall like this right now)) (Y)

trozeli · vor langer Zeit
you are amazing ... thanks alot

Matteozinho · vor langer Zeit

Pierro · vor langer Zeit
wow wow wow - i hope you dont delet. this post !! realy great - thanks for this

tos · vor langer Zeit
thank a lot

mefju · vor langer Zeit
This is great!

thomas fernandez · vor langer Zeit
very nice creativity

Márti · vor langer Zeit
Heló!! Hát ezt a programot pedig hol lehet be szerezni? Nekem nagyon tetszik

danze · vor langer Zeit
its really simple.... thanks (Y)

D3v:L d3Z:Ns · 10 Januar 2008
awesome man!! gr8 work

christiaan · 28 März 2008
great tutorial. simple. fun. perfect result. thanks, my brother. :)

Sangrial · 25 April 2008
Estoy encantao con tus tutoriales, tus diseños y todo, acabo de empezar con photoshop, y es un gustazo encontrar regalos así, gracias!

nanki · 23 Mai 2008
cool i just dont have words to describe my feelings

Melvin · 18 Juni 2008
Nice tutorials!........ Thanks!... (Guatemala, C.A.)

· 26 April 2009
WOW!. You are very generous and very amazing. Learn lots from just simple technique. keep up good work. Thumps up for you.

Jesu · 9 Juni 2009

Jaline · 27 Juni 2009
Just found your site and I love you designs. Thank you for sharing your talents. From Canada

superb....thnx 4 the free registraton. from sudan.

WaZZuP · 29 November 2009
very useful!!! thankz a lot

deep · 6 Januar 2010
so creative ......

· 12 Februar 2010
i cant do plz rply how its possible

ilixx · 17 April 2010

Aaron · 18 November 2010
Can we obtain permission to use that image for a poster for commercial use? Aaron

Sumeet · 4 Mai 2011
Hey its nice.....

cal · 23 Mai 2011
u re amazing man......................... greetings 4rm KNUST Ghana

CJ · 14 Mai 2012
I was hoping you could help me. I'm kind of stuck and don't see what I am doing wrong. Love your tutorials, and they are so easy to follow but it may be something on my end though. I'm trying to make the single white dot, and then put an overlay on the layer after resizing and moving it to the top. But the white dot disappears, you can barely see it. Am I using the wrong colors as far as the background goes, or why is it that my white dot is barely seen but yours is there? Here's what I'm talking about: Why is my dot not showing up as good as yours? Am I missing something? Great tutorials by the way!! :D

Vlad Gerasimov · 25 August 2013
Marnie - when times are hard, I will remember your comment :-) Thanks!

Ursule · vor langer Zeit
I like your style and work. It's very very very good and...incredible. :-)

Carlucio · vor langer Zeit
Very, very good! Simple!!!

mat · vor langer Zeit
wonderful work!

Armian · vor langer Zeit
Privet Vlad! Spasibo za zamechatelni design i za te idei kotorie ti nam dajosh, pokozaja svoju rabotu. Iskrenni blagadaren i djelaju tebe udachi ne tolko v svojei rabote no i v djizne voopshe. VladStudio - 3to kpyto!

jQuan · vor langer Zeit

Timothy Diokno · vor langer Zeit
Well, ain't that nice?!

· vor langer Zeit
Êðàòêîñòü - ñåòðà òàëàíòà! Ïðîñòî è ðåàëèñòè÷íî!

DAP · vor langer Zeit

SiR-HaCk · vor langer Zeit
Is good!

Bruno · vor langer Zeit
No speak english!! Valeu !! Este tutorial serviu para mim fazer varios outros efeitos para outras ocasiõess valeuuu!!

Ratajka3 · vor langer Zeit
prostě super

srinivas · vor langer Zeit
Thanks for sharing this very well explained tutorial.

alek · vor langer Zeit
estan chidos

MARCIA BARACALDO · vor langer Zeit

Ben Jacob · vor langer Zeit
WoW ! Cool tip man, Thanks..

Isiliel · vor langer Zeit
This is great! Thank you so much! Greetings grom Greece!

diyarbekirli · vor langer Zeit
babo, ho$ olmu$ gercekten. // hey Father!, I like this, realy..

Moo · vor langer Zeit
You. Are. Amazing.

Pedro · vor langer Zeit
Just want to congratulate you for the amazing work you do. You are a great artist and you share your talent to the delight of everyone. Congratulations and many,many success to you Vlad.

Alanna · vor langer Zeit
Thank you so much for putting up these tutorials. I have never been very good with Photoshop, but these have shown me how to use the different tools in a way that I understand. Thanks!

LemY · vor langer Zeit
Greatness in simplicity!!

Pico · vor langer Zeit
Thanks (L)

Lan 007 · vor langer Zeit
estan super cool las imagenes que haces, muchas felicidades pocas son las personas con este talento y que lo sepas aprovechar es magnifico por ti, y para el mundo muchas gracias vlad!!! the images you make are soo cool!!!, congratulations!!! few persons have this talent, and that you can to take advantage of, is wonderful!!! for you and the world, thanks a lot!!!! vlad

thomas fernandez · vor langer Zeit
very nice creativity

werner · vor langer Zeit
super gut, freu mich immer wieder ?ber deine bilder !!

hamid · vor langer Zeit
u are greet in design

IP3ng · vor langer Zeit
your is brilliant, good luck

Nishad, India · 9 Januar 2008
Hi Vlad, Thanks for sharin such a gr8 work.. its really cool, I lreaned photoshop b4 2-3 years, but I really strated usin it after cing ur works.. thanks a lot.. and my best wishes 4 u....

mark · 1 April 2008
fantastic work! youre pictures are realy outstanding good! I thank you so much for sharing your know-how! there is no other place where I can learn so much fantastic tricks. thank you so much for sharing and I hope you go on this way. all the best from switzerland

may · 24 Oktober 2008
dakujem pomohlo to :D

· 26 April 2009
Your are very generous and very amazing, I learn lots from such simple technique, thumps up. Keep up good work

Robin from California · 3 Juni 2009
Awesome! You are so creative! Your images are just beautiful!

sankhaj · 30 Juli 2009
Hi vlad, I my self is a professional web desinger and html coder and I am really greateful for your nice tutorials. what people are saying is right...your tutorial is very easy and meaningful. I learn lots of effects things from your site which enhace my designing skill. Thanks for sharing with us. I wish you all the success. Thanks Sankha

Jeba · 7 Februar 2010
as simple as that.. wow!

dede · 23 Februar 2010
great man!

anbu · 6 Oktober 2010

andreea · 26 November 2010

d2 · 13 Dezember 2010
Dear Vlad, thanks :)

· 17 Mai 2011
Thanks so much

· 2 Juni 2011
nice n easy · 16 Juli 2011
Nice Thanks a lot for this

alexander · 17 Oktober 2012
Hello, happy to get some tutoring about Photoshop and the explaining is in a simple, understanding way. You have a gift of teaching, why don't you teach as well?

Marnie Wright · 25 August 2013 I am thoroughly astounded by your imagination and the creativity and inventiveness that goes into your work. I wish that you lived nearby and could teach classes whereby I (and everyone else of course) could ask you questions as we go along. I would probably be so shaken by your presence I wouldn't be able to draw or work at old were you when you started and were you doing it for years before you took off to be the icon and inspiration you have been (and are). You should go down in history!!!! I know I will never forget your work and I would recognize it anywhere! Take care, Marnie

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