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Sketchbook wallpapers - making of

In this simple tutorial, I will write how I made Sketchbook series of wallpapers. I wanted to draw small sheet of notebook paper on wooden table. To start, I found an appropriate stock image of wood texture from

To make background more interesting, open Effects menu - Distort - Lens correction, and set Vignette amount to about -30..35.

I could draw sheet of notebook paper using vector tools, but I decided to take actual sheet and scan it. Because paper is white, I put it under black book and scanned this way.

Open scanned image in Photoshop, open Levels (Ctrl-L), move black triangle to the right as shown here, and white rectangle to the left. Paper should become completely white (no light grey) and background completely black.

Invert image (Ctrl-I). Then, if your image is flattened" (there is only one layer called Background) you should "un-flatten" it. To  do it

Remove white from the image. Use the following commands: - Ctrl-A (select all) - Ctrl-C (copy) - Q (enter quick mask) - Ctrl-V (paste) - Q (quit quick mask) - Del (delete selection) - Ctrl-D (deselect) Then use Ctrl-U (Hue/Saturation window) and set Lightness to -100.

Invert image - our paper is white again. Copy and paste it  to our original file (with wooden background).

If you prefer, you can use the same Hue/Saturation window (Ctrl-U) to make paper beige color (use Colorize checkbox for that).

Next step is  to create shadow that will make paper edges flow" above the wood a bit. Duplicate layer with paper

Apply a little Gaussian blur (Effects menu - Blur - Gaussian blur) with radius = 1-2 px. Set layer mode to Soft light or Overlay.

In Layers palette, move layer with shadow under layer with paper. Select layer with paper and make similar transform, but warp the other side (Edit - Transform - Warp): Warp = Arch, Bend = -1 or -2.

Find appropriate texture for paper. This is texture I have in  my stock images storage.

Paste it  in new layer above layer with paper...

... and Create Clipping Mask (Ctrl-Shift-G), from Layer menu.

Scan the sketch, paste it into new layer right after layer with paper texture.

Set layer mode to Multiply, then Transform (Ctrl-T) as needed - resize and rotate.

Finally, Create Clipping Mask again (Ctrl-Shift-G or from Layer menu). That's all!

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Ваня · 9 November 2008

bluekatamari · 21 November 2008
that golden, thank you very much

erinamelia · 3 Dezember 2008
wow! thank you!

Elenka_ZP · 13 Januar 2009
Мило! Когда появится перевод? =)

· 22 April 2009
Excellent guide! I love this drawing in the example above! :)

alexsis · 10 September 2009
not so cool

Kang · 22 September 2009
Its awesome. You should have some more trics like that.

Ökkeş · 1 November 2009

dragon!! · 24 November 2009
So Good~

Suga · 10 Dezember 2009
Wow. NICE · 18 Januar 2010
very nice.keep it up.

lol · 4 März 2010

Moky · 9 April 2010

· 16 April 2010

JazzaMonster · 10 Mai 2010
that was totally AWESOME! im a total fan!

· 5 März 2011

Andreea · 31 März 2011
Great! Congratulations!!!!!

Cris · 4 Juni 2013
Vlad, thanks for your awesome tutorials and congratulations to your fantastic art: you are a truly ingenious artist :-D ! - Stay inspired and inspire, with best regards & wishes from Germany :)

PollyPicasso · 14 November 2008
Hats off to another brilliantly pulled off wallpaper ..... I must confess I am a total fan of all that you do !!!!!

Iare · 27 November 2008
Very nice idea, and concept.

KID · 7 Dezember 2008

Din Fernandes · 14 Januar 2009

George · 14 Juli 2009

MANSOUR FADUL BAKHIET · 3 September 2009

Svan · 20 September 2009
Great tutorial. Thanks!

· 20 Oktober 2009

Hi Hero! · 21 Oktober 2009
Harikasınız =D

WaZZuP · 29 November 2009
not bad

Dewa · 8 Dezember 2009

Nancy Kant · 18 Februar 2010
u r a genius!!!

kiah · 27 Februar 2010

Andreea · 11 April 2010
What program do you use? Nice work by the way.

Mel · 23 April 2010
Nice one!!!

GOD · 13 Mai 2010
просто и со вкусом

Andie · 31 August 2010
I really like your work it is amazing!!!

mary · 21 Oktober 2011

j · 6 September 2012
nice one

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