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Missing Piece - making of

This tutorial is about Missing Piece wallpaper. The most important thing you need for good wallpaper is the idea ;-) So  I came up with pencil sketch, which I then scanned and opened in Photoshop.

Create new document, fill it with background color of your desire (I chose greyish blue), and apply the following filters: - Noise (Filters menu - Noise - Add noise) - Sponge (Filters menu - Artistic - Sponge) - Textutizer (Filters - Texture - Texturizer) Important! After applying each effect, immediately hit Ctrl-Shift-F (Fade) and fade each filter down to 10-20%.

I overlayed my scanned image for reference...

Set foreground color to orange, switch to Pen tool (P) and create a shape of puzzle piece, using pencil sketch as reference.

Here is the completed shape - I decided it does not need to  be very symmetric!

Open Layer menu - Layer Style - Blending Options (or simply double-click on layer) and apply the following layer effects: - Outer glow: black, size 3px, mode=overlay - Bevel and emboss: size 2px, highlight mode=overlay, shadow mode=overlay - Pattern overlay: choose any pattern that fits :-) blend mode=overlay, opacity=10-15%

Duplicate this layer, change orange color to much darker (brown), then move this new layer down (so that it  is behind original orange layer) and then move shape a little up and right. This will give additional depth to the puzzle piece.

Well, one piece is ready! Repeat these steps and create another one...

Then again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again and again :-)

Use hard black brush (B) to draw hands, legs and eyes.

In new layer (behind brush layer), draw white eyes content with white brush. Apply some Drop shadow to  it (blend mode=soft light).

Repeat for all pieces!

Shadows are very important in this wallpapers - they give convincing 3D look, without need of any 3D software. Switch to black soft brush, set brush opacity to 30-40%, and sketch the shadow.

Set shadow layer blend mode to soft light (so that the shadow is not so strong).

Create new layer, switch to very large (100-150px) black brush, and add some more strokes to the shadow.

Again, set this layer blend mode to Soft light.

And finally, in another new layer, use small soft brush for some more small shadow - right below the legs. Again, set layer blend mode to Soft light.

Repeat and create shadows for all pieces.

The final touch is  to apply some blur to upper part of wallpaper - it will create illusion of macro photo shoot. First, we need gradient selection" - that is

Turn off Quick Mask (hit Q again). This is approximately what selection should look like.

Apply Blur (Filter - Blur - Gaussian Blur, or Filter - Blur - Lens Blur) to selected image (you will need to merge your layers, so that entire wallpaper is  in one layer). Experiment with blur size - 20-30px should be OK. That's all!

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Oaki · vor langer Zeit

mesa · vor langer Zeit
nice job...

blacops · vor langer Zeit
absuf..nglutely great work

Steve · vor langer Zeit
I must say that you are truly inspiring!!

derya · vor langer Zeit
ı come up with many ideas but can not apply them to computer:(

Hasib · vor langer Zeit
u'r the boss

XaVier · vor langer Zeit
wow... awesome job... I am just started to learn more about the photoshop... :P haha... this tutorial might help me a lot i believe... thanks anyway...

AeroEmperor · vor langer Zeit
X-Treme Creativity with awesome simple sketch ideas.

Berry · vor langer Zeit

Nikola · vor langer Zeit
wow...amazing....thank U so much 4 this one....

ulwan · vor langer Zeit
ur are the king!

Alok Punjani · vor langer Zeit
interesting. I like the free flowing thought process that gets you to do the designs... carry on.. cheers

Serkan G. · vor langer Zeit
Vlad you're a genius

pieces · vor langer Zeit
this is just straight out impressive.

kho · vor langer Zeit
ur the best!

gigie · vor langer Zeit
waw! y'our Great!

Steve · vor langer Zeit
Hi, i just discovered you background images and they all look amazing to me. Thank you for your work!

Paramour · vor langer Zeit
Vlad you are really creative man

Vineet K. Narotra · vor langer Zeit
Too, Too, Too Good...Thanks Buddy...

lawrence · vor langer Zeit
summa super maa!

Lachlan · 9 Januar 2008
WOW those are awesome!

Fatherly · 21 Januar 2008
very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very thanks

Midori · 1 Februar 2008
you are my hero!

charisse* · 23 Februar 2008
amazing creation! keep it up!

Creative Media · 1 März 2008

fred · 28 März 2008
someone liked this over at threadless:

Meg · 16 September 2008
Vlad, I love your work and imagination. I honestly do. Hope you create more like this. :)

Moscow · 25 Dezember 2008
Влад! Молочина!

xea · 22 März 2009
cool! Thanks very much!

Nina · 9 Juni 2009
Very nice, if only I was good enough to make anything anywere near that good :)

aarthi · 17 Juli 2009

Oussama · 30 Juli 2009
I really appreciate that Wondeful n Great idea ir worx & Rox man

PS-Newbie · 13 September 2009
it would took some years for me to do it!

manuel · 14 Januar 2010

pooja · 2 Februar 2010
greatly done...

JieXian · 11 Mai 2010
"this guy is very cute and interesting" in the words of a girl (not me)

soroor · 29 März 2011
vaaawww!!!! God! this is very wonderfull!!!

Tharanga · 2 Mai 2011
Amazed at how simple the steps you follow, yet end up with masterpieces ! keep up the good work Vladimir !!

DEngoi: · 11 Februar 2012
Thanks. very helpful.

Lucie · vor langer Zeit

dannyg77 · vor langer Zeit
Wow, dude. You're amazing. I love your vision.

Ehsan · vor langer Zeit
Thanks for your tutorials

majorwimp · vor langer Zeit
very cool.......

beginner · vor langer Zeit
Hey I saw this tutorial at - you wouldn't happen to have two tutorial sites do you?

Stephane HANQUET · vor langer Zeit
Great work !

ekrai munsyi · vor langer Zeit
nuhun pisan vladstudio!

Werner Edlauer · vor langer Zeit
i like it :o)

miss ksa · vor langer Zeit

Lenn · vor langer Zeit
never comes 2 ma mind

Sarai · vor langer Zeit
thanks ur genius

Jase · vor langer Zeit
Thank you!

Mahrad · vor langer Zeit
Awesome! Vlad you're a genius

Kareem Khazem · vor langer Zeit
Must have taken ages... I like the idea of blurring the background to make it look like a macro photo, I'd never thought of doing that!

Himmat Singh · vor langer Zeit
I must admire, the vision and creative mind, gifted by God to you. You present all the things so beautifully, that only a classic vision-holder can get into it. Just another masterpiece... keep it up

Ratsnrop · vor langer Zeit
Speechless.. Thanks the Lord for a beautiful person that you are..

carlo · vor langer Zeit

Nissi · vor langer Zeit
You Rock!

prakash · vor langer Zeit
Great work!!!!

GATTU · vor langer Zeit
No words to describe ur work awesome nice 3D illusion

velkajesterk · vor langer Zeit
cool! thanx so much for new ideas, I have to try right now :)

catermad · 13 Januar 2008
one word : amazing!

abohelal · 25 Januar 2008
فكرة حلوة

Szijártó Péter · 9 Februar 2008
another genial idea... and another masterwork.

wingdezigns · 26 Februar 2008
5nice tutorial... :)

Guy · 9 März 2008
How long do you do this?????

Meta · 4 Juni 2008
I love ur workz

Caterina · 10 August 2008

bizkit · 18 September 2008
may ur ram size never be below 1gb. I frE@kin luv u, ur works & ur generous attitude. I stick em up ;D

atakan · 3 Januar 2009
wow! wow! wow! absolutely u are a ps devil :)

shyam · 13 April 2009
absolutely marvelous..

Pete · 14 Juni 2009
Wow amazing stuff! I look forward to trying my own variation of this! Thanks!

Robin · 30 Juli 2009
Very funny pic.) thnx

Dan · 9 August 2009
Vlad, you are just amazing at these things, nice guide! :-)

deyan · 23 November 2009
very creative · 18 Januar 2010
good job.nicely done.keep it up :-)

fantasydn · 10 April 2010
Thank master

Kat · 19 Mai 2010
So cool!

· 10 März 2011
exccelent one!!!! the creation from the beginning was interesting to watch!!!

Avril · 17 Oktober 2011

Avril · 17 Oktober 2011

kiko · 9 September 2014

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