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Looking for Higgs Boson (fluorescent version)

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Note - for most Android phones, you need a wallpaper twice as wide as your screen.

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Vlad Gerasimov 6 July 2012
As if the original version was not scary enough, here is the fluorescent version! It can be dangerous for a scientist to stay late at work.

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Comments {34}

Kelcey 14 July 2012
Super Awesome!

Evan Morse 17 July 2012
Ooooo, it's the same thing, only with way more "science!" feel! Haha, love this one.

Caro 20 July 2012

Lucas Ayres 22 July 2012
uber cool

Nicky 30 July 2012
wonderful.... you are the best Ciao from ITALY

William 22 August 2012
Your digital paintings are the best! Salut from ROMANIA

samual 3 September 2012

samual 3 September 2012

Sahar 30 September 2012
Love it!!!

Alex 16 October 2012
totally love it!

tito el king 20 October 2012
tito el king

Hal Morris 29 October 2012
What program can open a .wcz file?

GragonV 5 November 2012
Great work! But how about the portrait mod :(. Usually use my tablet in that mod :( Should be an option to rotate the wallpaper with the screen of the tablet T___T

thuy anh 15 December 2012

Ann 4 January 2013
Love it !

Deshna 23 March 2013
What a beaute. :]

DR 27 October 2013
loving it..

Diane 13 January 2016
the coolest main attraction can't get my eyes of it

Giovanni Cucumazzo 15 July 2012

Sk1nk 15 July 2012
I love to have the same picture as ock- and home-screen on my iPhone, but lately the wallpaper were to bright to use them as a home screen. But now I can use the Higgs Boson, awesome, I love this sneaky thing.

Nash 21 July 2012
Love it !

mr. x 21 July 2012
how i download this

ilona 8 August 2012
Wonderful! using as my Facebook cover, desktop and will download to phone as fast as my little fingers can move! Thanks Vlad!

Dany 22 August 2012
cela fait plusieurs années que je suis ce site et Vlad - déjà excellent à ses débuts - se bonifie avec le temps ! Cheers from LHC' fans !! :-)))

lilly 7 September 2012

Gertrude Izuka 5 October 2012
How do I download looking for Higgs Boson Fluorscent version to my Macbook Pro w/Retina

Ян Рафаэль 19 October 2012

tito el king 20 October 2012
tito el king http://www.vladstudio.com/wallpaper/?higgs_boson_fluo#

bahy 6 November 2012
how to download it?

nikki 8 December 2012
vlad how do i download this for my mac - imma set it for my wallpaper clock =/

Shiyu Zhang 17 December 2012

Pablo 9 February 2013
That the best wallpaper clock of this page.

Karolina B. 6 September 2013
OMG! This is so beautiful! Thank you

Michal 19 May 2014
how to download that lol

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