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When You Are In Love

When You Are In Love

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Comments {48}

Flo 2 February 2010
First;) Vlad I love You :*

kim 2 February 2010
good wallpaper!

Martin 2 February 2010

Lily 2 February 2010
Do you think you could make another version or two with same sex couples? That would be great!

Lundi 4 February 2010
mmm... yo quiero.... !!! :( Gracias, es muy lindo!!!

MIRIAM 5 February 2010

Petr Kovar 8 February 2010
I wish my heart could shine like this on the Valentine's Day!

nedolina!!! 9 February 2010

11 February 2010
jobs is SUPERMARVELOUS!!! thank you ....!!!!!!

Michelle (from the Netherlands) 14 February 2010
Simple, yet full of meaning. You're very talented. I have been a fan of your work for quite some time. Your very original and inspired wallpapers manage to brighten my screen and my day every time I see them. I hope you will always be able to do what you love. Thank you for sharing and have a happy Valentine's Day! :)

Lynn 28 February 2010
I have purchaced your wallpapers but they do not download onto my Ipod. Your work is interesting and I found your work on an Ipod Touch search! Can I use them here if not my I please be creditited my credit card charge. Or alturnitly, explain how to use them ony Ipod! Thank you, Lynn (trimsi)

Варя 12 March 2010

Ivan 13 March 2010

baset 18 March 2010
Amazing job

Emanuel 15 April 2010
muy vinitos todo

noname 15 April 2010

mjody24@hotmail.com 7 May 2010

jackie 8 June 2010
lovely foutergrahgh

Sara 6 September 2010
Nice so much

DJ Seroton 21 January 2012
Thanks for this wonderful image. I've used (with due credits) as a cover for a love-inspired mix http://www.djseroton.com/mixes/precious-times-vol-1/ Cheers :)

Reynalyn 31 January 2013

saro sweety 5 June 2016
this still dedicated my husband

Nicola Zaghen 2 February 2010
That's beautiful! :D

shaby 2 February 2010
if this is love, so i wanna be in love too.............plz!

Nick 2 February 2010
Amazing job once again Vlad! :D

AnaB 2 February 2010
Wondeful...so romantic!!! :)

Tusnelda 4 February 2010
Valentine's Day is also my wedding anniversary. Thanks Vlad! :)

5 February 2010

AMPIT 7 February 2010

glese 9 February 2010
this one is beautiful toooo!!!! thank You!!!

darklady1453 10 February 2010

surendra singh 13 February 2010
happy Valentine's Day!

Mimi 20 February 2010
Wow inspires me to love my fianceè all i can to be able to be with him forever!

ping wang 21 February 2010

menna 25 February 2010
Wonderful as usual...keep it Vlad !

signe 27 February 2010
nej tak

Vlad Gerasimov 28 February 2010
Lynn : please contact me using contact form, so that I can reply and provide support.

shilpa 28 February 2010
im in love too! truly describes the feeling :)

baby 7 March 2010
Oh my fiance and I love your work! Especially the "The Two and ..." series. "Love" really is the best thing in the world. Even if everything else goes wrong, we still have our lovers (and family of course). And then nothing will matter anymore.

Emanuel 15 April 2010
muy vinitos todo

Emanuel 15 April 2010
muy vinitos todo

Jenny 16 April 2010
I really like this one

24 May 2010
you are great!!!

hamiiiiiiiii 19 August 2010

mary 11 January 2011
such a nice wallpaper,thanks for your sharing

Munim 24 April 2012
I thing she is mom and her baby.

amal roshan 18 May 2012

Sumera 17 December 2013
Love is marvelous,Drug ,

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