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Inside the Rainbow (Color 4)

Inside the Rainbow (Color 4)

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Comments {8}

mhtrinh 2 December 2008
A bit too bright ...

blackbelt_jones 24 December 2008
a bit too beautiful... I may never want to leave my computer!

Pedro Wunderlich 18 February 2009
This one in particular mesmerizes my eyes! Studies have demonstrated that individuals exposed to the color orange/red perform dramatically better at tasks. I just installed this wallpaper 30 minutes ago and began to study for my exams. I've been kicking butt with only this interruption to report on the effectiveness of the wallpaper. It looks beautiful on my 22" Widescreen Dell Monitor! Congrats and thank you, Peter Alexander!

elena 6 May 2011
e sta bella sta muzica

me 5 December 2008
a bit to dull... (I am just being contrary)

vaibhav 1 January 2009
this is the best site i have ever seen for wallpapers....best collection of mind blowing wallpapers...thanks u... firekillz@gmail.com

jorge kulesza 19 March 2009
no me gusta mucho, se ve mucha simetria y muy simple ya sea en cualquier color.

Donfuy 8 May 2009
This is amazing. This color is the color that fits better to the image, I think, just plain Avantgard-ish!

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