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Bridges: Ponte Vecchio

Bridges: Ponte Vecchio

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Comments {9}

Michal Stružský 24 June 2010
Is there any chance to see the Charles Bridge in Prague by Vladstudio? :-)

Elif 24 June 2010
Can we see Bosphorus Bridge(Istanbul-Turkey) at your fabulous wallpaper?

Christopher Barrow 4 July 2010
Vladimir I don't understand how to download this on to my ipad

Flavio 27 August 2010
Vive l'Italie!!! Grazie!

James Egli 24 June 2010
Beautiful! Thanks very much, Vlad!

Heidi 24 June 2010
Oh, Florence! Great city, beautiful wallpaper. Thank you! :)

Jacopo Celona 27 June 2010
I'm from Florence and this wall si very beautiful! Thank you!

Vallie Lynn Rojas 17 August 2010
Beautiful,Thanks Guys Vallie

Federico 3 November 2016
I'm italian and I live in Florence, and I love the fact that our city has these beautiful pieces of art.

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