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Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to 2011!

{31 December 2010}

With only 30 minutes left until 2011th, allow me to say - I have the best audience every website owner can only dream of! Happy New Year and may it be even better than 2010th was!

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Lock 31 December 2010
Have a wonderful 2011, Vlad!

Péter Bosze 1 January 2011
Happy New Your to You and Your Family, Vlad.

Michael Osmolski 1 January 2011
hny vlad and all the crew...

Your Fan 1 January 2011
Happy New, Healthy and Funny Year for you and all your Family - and thank you for all you did and do for us.

Ray 1 January 2011
Честита Нова Година :)) I wish us all more colourful wallpapers this year and all the joy they bring :)

LUIS 2 January 2011

Therese 2 January 2011
Happy New Year! And I love your book" Who Stole The Moon?" Cannot wait for another!

Vida Hernaus 2 January 2011
happy and healthy 2011 to you too, Vlad! may the inspiration never leave you :)

Stefano Bagnatica 2 January 2011
Happy New Year!

Simon Gardner 2 January 2011
Happy New Year Vlad - Brilliant artwork as ever, look forward to your output in 2011.

tamalita 3 January 2011
Happy New Year to you as well! All the best for 2011!

Olga Pantelidou 4 January 2011
Happy New Year! Sending you many wishes all the way from Greece. I really like your work. Hope you make the 'Who stole the moon' in Greek so I can give it to my little godchild.

cunnemammadua 5 January 2011
Coddadì...Happy new year

Jo 9 January 2011
Happy New Year. Am hoping 2011 will bring some more fish themed wallpapers :)

kingtoon 1 January 2011

Barbara 1 January 2011
Happy New Year, Vlad! Thanks for all the art. It always puts a smile on my face whenever I see it.

Dark Tower 1 January 2011
Happy New Year too...

Sasho Zahariev 1 January 2011
Честита 2011!

Elisabeth 1 January 2011
Happy New Year! Meilleurs Vœux de Bonne et Heureuse Année

Rusty Hicks 1 January 2011
Happy New Year!

Jacqueline Brubaker 2 January 2011
Happy New Year Vlad...and Thank You for all of the wonderful art you have shared with us :)

Hector 2 January 2011
happy new year Vla , thanks, to all you regards Bonne Annee, Buon Anno, feliz año

Yásser Natanael Rodríguez 2 January 2011
¡Feliz Año Nuevo! Os deseo lo mejor...paz y alegría. Dios os bendiga. Many blessings this NEW YEAR Vlad.

Tomas 2 January 2011
Happy new year, everyone!

Иван Лазарев 2 January 2011
C Новым Годом Владислав! Из России!

Soumya 4 January 2011
Wish you a very happy new year!!! :)

Thomas Palmer 4 January 2011
Thank you again for all your beautiful artwork! I've linked back to you on my own site, hoping to send my friends your way :) Your style and vision is a perfect addition to the style and design of my Mac! Best wishes for a fruitful and joyful New Year! Thom http://teachingthomas.net/portland

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