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Gagarin (Planet 1)

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Vlad Gerasimov 6 Duben 2011
This wallpaper is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's historic flight on 12 April 1961. You know that aliens exist, and because people see them sometimes, aliens seem to have experience in space travels. But did you realize that there had to  be an alien who was the first? Their Gagarin :-) Thanks for viewing!

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Komentáře {28}

LucasDT 6 Duben 2011
Nice aproach :)

Jorge 6 Duben 2011
Nice wallpaper! It is nice that someone is remembering that tremendous achievement for humanity. Without Yuri Gagarin there would not have been Neil Armstrong taking a "small step" out of the Eagle.

Светлана Калинина 6 Duben 2011
урааааа!!!! поехалииии!!!! :)

misha 6 Duben 2011

Vivian 7 Duben 2011
Love the soft feeling and colors :), great wallpaper! You've been featured on iconpaper!

AMPIT 7 Duben 2011
Love it. Waiting for the next

Vlad Gerasimov 8 Duben 2011
Stefano: thank you :-)

Eddie Hollen 9 Duben 2011
Is there any chance we could get this without the planet/spaceship? The star field background is glorious!

Vlad Gerasimov 9 Duben 2011
Eddie Hollen: see next wallpaper in the gallery, First Flight!

John 16 Duben 2011
Wow! It's very beautiful

Dudepaperlover 30 Duben 2011

8 Září 2011
very nice

Pranav Rana 30 Duben 2012
Your work is really outstanding

Barry Newman 12 Srpen 2012
What a neat way to celebrate a great mans achievements with a wallpaper from undeniably the best wallpaper artist on this planet.Here in New zealand I use your wallpapers daily and get a huge amount of pleasure from them.

Nicolas Antoniades 6 Duben 2011
I looooooove this wallpaper ! It reminds of "The Little Prince" somehow .. But can you please put the planet a bit more on the center of the screen ????? :)

Sakonchard Yosthamrong 6 Duben 2011
Wow fantastic.

Kelcey 6 Duben 2011

Koekie 6 Duben 2011
Also reminds me of the Tribbles from Star Trek. Very nice wallpaper, thank you!

xerpinno 7 Duben 2011
http://www.gandex.ru/oboishow/19746/9/ Yuri Gagarin! wallpaper!

fredericasso 7 Duben 2011
J'adore !

Stefano 8 Duben 2011
This is a nice tribute to a man who left this planet Earth at just 34. And here's a new lifetime user landing on your planet :)

Tusnelda 9 Duben 2011
Nice one, Vlad! Yes, I remember it well! (showing my age here ;) ) Now waiting for further planets.......... Thanks, Vlad!

Johan 11 Duben 2011
Awesome! Would love more wallpapers with these fluffy aliens :)

30 Duben 2011
it is so butiful

Timothy Mueller-Harder 17 Srpen 2011
Great, I love it! XD What I'd like even more, though, is a version without any speech bubble or text (i.e. just the planet, aliens, ship, and stars).

Vlad Gerasimov 12 Srpen 2012
Barry Newman - thank you very much ;-)

Sophia 23 Srpen 2012

namo 27 Prosinec 2013
thank you so much i was surfing internet today, and found your website. I loved each and every wallpaper.

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