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Note - for most Android phones, you need a wallpaper twice as wide as your screen.

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Vlad Gerasimov · 7 Červenec 2007
Zvláštní poděkování patří mojí ženě, která poskytla džíny na oskenování a další úpravy.

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Komentáře 55

renata · dávno

kacenka · dávno
I love it!

Mohammed Korashy · dávno
I Like This So Much,Great Idea, Great Work..That's Vlad!

wow.. · dávno

H2O · dávno
lol... good job :)

ACE · dávno
good job

dims · dávno
and great technic, i must admit.. and the cat of course ))

anon · dávno
i think this is amazing

Urszula Czarkowska · dávno
What can I say... I am stunned.. being happy stitcher myself I fully appreciate :) and love it... as all your work!

Morgan Vitt age 11 · dávno
I love it, so cute.You should make more art like this, alot of my age kids enjoy your art

gerxrdo · dávno
not bad!

Lauren · dávno
I adore these "stitched" ones. :)

dims · dávno
great idea, Vlad =)

dims · dávno
emm.. would love to read a tutorial..)

Sergio Alejandro Sotomayor Esqui · dávno

Vlad Gerasimov · dávno
I wrote the tutorial about making of Stitching wallpaper! Please check it out at http://www.vladstudio.com/photoshoptutorials/?28 Thanks!

Vlad Gerasimov · dávno
Thanks to all for comments! Dieter: dual image fixed!

Dieter Bauer · dávno
Hi Vlad, can't see the 3200*1200 version. something wrong? Like the stiching....

Mohammad · dávno
That's very fantastic.

Astrid Paramita · dávno
So cute... Would love to have a pair of jeans with the design ;-). -shopaholic me

ARASH · dávno
it's exellentoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

aydin · dávno
you are amazing

:: saathiyaana : · 20 Duben 2008
very creative..!!

tAnGos:P · 9 Červen 2008
Creative ...:D

****** · 14 Červen 2008
VLAD your creativity is so.... good.. its incredible!! u r really blessed with a unique brain which is verryy... creative i deed!!

shima · 22 Září 2010
that is so cute,

yasika · 19 Únor 2013

Rebekah · dávno
This is such a cute idea.

Karla · dávno
-Genial, podrian hasta diseñar ropa de vladstudio y seria muy bueno.... (Brilliant, to be able until designing very good clothes of vladstudio and serious )

Priscila · dávno
This makes my little crafter heart sing! I'll be sure to tell all of my crafty contacts about this one! Not that I need another reason to tell people to visit your site - you're the best! Congratulations, Vlad! Another classic.

moo · dávno
Love it!!

muu · dávno
OK very good

poone · dávno
fantastic, vlad ;)

FILIP · dávno

Urszula Czarkowska · dávno
What can I say... I am stunned.. being happy stitcher myself I fully appreciate :) and love it... as all your work!

Naz · dávno

ZSai · dávno

Ruby · dávno
Saw this on Caedes. Love it so much. I do this kind of stuff to my jeans all the time so I love this idea.

Nick · dávno
adorable ^^

Sebastian · dávno
Aww, haha, love the idea. Great work.

Charles · dávno
Wow It's a Real Vlad Style

Sahar · dávno
very nice!

Kimmy · dávno
So cute !

Karin · dávno
this one is my new favorite ! ! ! love the cat

nadine · dávno
Y'a d'la joie! Bonjour, bonjour les hirondelles! Y'a d'la joie! Merci pour ce clin d'oeil enfantin!

Omid · dávno

Cynthia · dávno
WOW! very cute and gorgeous! Love it!

Katerina · dávno
Nice idea!

Шурик · 24 Leden 2008
Блииинн ! Влад ты ЖЖОШЬ!!! :))

screaming mimi · 24 Únor 2008
awesome i love it!! :-)

cami · 16 Červenec 2008
me gusto mucho este fondo ,muy creatvo

Gisele · 14 Březen 2009
Wow amazing

fechaed · 2 Listopad 2009
Muito legal, criativo, chique, para desktops descolados!Nice.

vijay · 4 Červenec 2013
nice job.....

Zhuo Ayuzawa · 12 Červenec 2013
Es lindo :3

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