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A Little Anglerfish

Size: Počítače Mobilní zařízení Apple Android 2 monitory 3 monitory

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Note - for most Android phones, you need a wallpaper twice as wide as your screen.

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Vlad Gerasimov 20 Březen 2011
Mořský ďas se umí také usmívat :-)

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Komentáře {33}

Robin 20 Březen 2011
Love it! Your underwater images are very cool, goes straight to my desktop!

Monica 20 Březen 2011
So great! Just so great!

Ziani 20 Březen 2011
Aww...how cute...thanks

engir 20 Březen 2011
Vahahahaaaa... amazing!

mohammad 20 Březen 2011

Heidi 21 Březen 2011
Creepy creatures can be quite adorable, too. This goes straight to my desktop. Thank you for your brilliant work which always puts a smile on my face. :)

Jorge 21 Březen 2011
Definitely cuter than the one in Finding Nemo! If you ever have the time or interest, it would be great if you can create a wallpaper based on the Aztec Calendar. Gracias!

Piggie 21 Březen 2011

Im :-) 23 Březen 2011
Love it :)

Сергей 23 Březen 2011
за обоями хожу только сюда :)

Влад 23 Březen 2011
Как всегда на высоте :)

Светлана Калинина 24 Březen 2011
Это мой коммент анонимный

wbird 29 Březen 2011
It`s kina creepy....

Bob 4 Duben 2011
MORE WALLPAPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CHANCHU 1 Červen 2011

виктория 28 Srpen 2011
Сюда прям с айпада)) крутой сайт))

BULINGGIT 2 Prosinec 2011
CUTE! hahahaha. . . One of my fave I guess :)

Daniël 21 Listopad 2012
Just LOVE this. The only reason this isn't my desktop wallpaper is because there's no A Little Anglerfish wallpaper clock. As for my phone, it's on the desktop, and it's there to stay :). By the way Vlad I just LOVE practically ALL of your wallpapers :).

Evan Morse 20 Březen 2011

JEREMY MCLELLAN 20 Březen 2011
No male anglerfish? It's probably for the best...

Oziel 20 Březen 2011
Hello Vlad. Your site has to be an example for all the artists of Web. Everything is there and nothing misses. Clear, beautiful and exchange of appearance following the theme of wallpaper; perfect!. Continue to amaze us with your simplicity, you're an inspiration for us all. Thank you very much. [D'you know the fish-stone?]

Maria 20 Březen 2011
Oh su beautiful!! and funny little fish. Makes me smile every time I see my desktopp. I have a challenging job and it is a wonderful break just to look at something nice at my desktop. Thanks a million!!

stan 21 Březen 2011

Suzana 21 Březen 2011
this has to be the first time I've ever seen a "cartoon" anglerfish, he is adorable!!! I always enjoy getting your newsletters, to see what's new on your site.

Annie 23 Březen 2011
No puzzle for this one ?? :(

Vida Hernaus 23 Březen 2011
love it!

Vlad Gerasimov 23 Březen 2011
Сергей: спасибо :-)

24 Březen 2011
какая прекрасная уродочка :))) обновила рабочий стол, Влад, спасибище! :)

Someone(haha) 30 Březen 2011
hey! soo cute and it is really clear on the comp. I luuuuvv it!

mansour bakhiet 14 Duben 2011
man you alwais rock it.. sooo nice.

Belle 12 Srpen 2011
Adorable! Gotta have it!

suchitra chatterjee 11 Listopad 2011
its wonderful that today i saw so cheerful anger fish

rasha 10 Září 2012

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