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Note - for most Android phones, you need a wallpaper twice as wide as your screen.

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Vlad Gerasimov 6 Únor 2007
Jednou jsem na internetu narazil na podobnou fotku žáby a hned mě napadlo, že bych ji mohl přetvořit ve Photoshopu. Tady je výsledek. Děkuji.

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Komentáře {85}

LucasDT dávno
The real thing: http://img180.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=37300_rana_en_hoja1_122_88lo.JPG Thanks Vlad for your inspiration. This picture is just a reflex on your wallpaper. Thaks again, you're great!

dum dum dávno
karya2 kamu manjain mata banget (L) greeting from Indonesia :-)

Jaideep dávno
Hypnotic :-)(L)

xanth dávno

oscar dávno
es increible la realidad, jajajajaja muy buena (Y)

roudra dávno
your work is super, very nice and cool

Emilia dávno
I absolutly LOVE this wallpaper!!!!

Maddie dávno
Oh wow that Is so awesome :PP Green is ma favee

Facu dávno
I really like this amazing wallpaper!!! Thanks, Vlad...

coolrider dávno

Replicante dávno
¡Impresionante! Voy a colocarlo en mi escritorio ahora mismo ;-)

star dávno
me again i think i forgot to mention VERY COOL!!!!

star dávno
very cool thankz i really hope ya keep makin more a these great thing lol once more cool!

Faruk dávno
very very NICE, thank you.

Vlad Gerasimov dávno
Justin - I actually just wrote a tutorial about Frog wallpaper! Please see here - http://www.vladstudio.com/photoshoptutorials/?24

hcano dávno
Estoy impresionado, gracias Vlad :-O

Nate dávno
I really like this one. I love your "cartoonish" art, but I love your digital creations even more as they have longer lasting appeal to me.

ricardjorg dávno
this one is really cool! my new wallpaper! thanks vlad for your awsome wallpapers

mostafa dávno
it's CRAZZY FROG ??!! :-P

chad dávno
Wow. This appeals to my minimalist taste, and looks so cool with the underside perspective of the frog. All complemented by the leaf vein pattern. Too cool.

AjD dávno
Wow, I love it! I'd love to wallpapers more like this. It's simple but beautiful. :-)

Gaul dávno
Eeeeeek..... a frog on my desktop :)

Vlad Gerasimov dávno
Together with tutorial, I also published the Photoshop source file, available at http://www.vladstudio.com/downloads/?psd (for registered users). Thanks!

luke dávno
too cool (Y)

masih dávno
i am frome iran , your works is so nice , tnx

SallyD 6 Leden 2008
Very Cool Frog One!! LOVE IT!!

ephrem 27 Březen 2008
Very nice and simple

elsie cruz 8 Duben 2008
Magnifico...... vlad. gracias

Ronin 24 Duben 2008
Salam dari Indonesia....

Cat 4 Červen 2008
As a long-time fan of your dual wallpapers for my desktop PC I used to miss out on the others that didn't get made into duals. Not any more. First thing I did on getting my laptop was head here to find a wallpaper to really show the Vaio's black screen off. This frog is just perfect, and has led to lots of compliments from all who've seen it.

nikča 1 Srpen 2008
This picture are really good!!!!I´m from Czech republic

Val 21 Prosinec 2008
Someone posted this pic in the flickr.com

fred 19 Leden 2009
ostie il est cool

Gio 26 Únor 2009
Wonderful! I love it!

klappz 23 Březen 2009
i've saw this wp on this italian newspaper page about some kind of facebook censors http://www.repubblica.it/2009/02/sezioni/tecnologia/facebook-world/censura-rana/censura-rana.html

Emma 3 Červenec 2009
This is my fav (so far!)! Its so cool! I like how you can see the whole thing! This is awesome! :) I have this as my background on my phone accually....

SweetHeart 30 Září 2009
So cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never seen anything better! Suposevly

baba d 10 Březen 2010

caitlynn 13 Červen 2012

Virginia Ramunda-Marty 24 Únor 2014
Wow.... so soft and light... Great idea. ;)

my fault 10 Říjen 2014
sorry i have return my question 3 times the {which animal is this?}

The_W0lf dávno
It`s NICE ;)

Jahrel dávno
Amazing. I love it. Thanks , Vlad!


listening dávno
cool, sweet and (Y) (L) :-)

GZ dávno
Êë¸âàÿ çâåðþãà=))))))) Òîëüêî çàãðóæàåòñÿ äîëãî...

joe dávno
yhis is really cool

Aku dávno
It's awesome. It fits well with all the Vista emulation styles out there or with the original Vista. Thanks a billion for this. (Y)

sarahannw6 dávno
loooooove it! frogs r cool!

widHy dávno
I Like Frog,,, n I Like Green.. So I Really Like This Wallpaper.... AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

speedy dávno
there's just something about this that makes me say "another one by the master" ;)

2rk dávno
just cool

bigdaddy dávno
i love frogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seenu dávno
Really cool Walls.... It is an wonderful imagination

Odaiba dávno
Thumbs-up (Y) for your creative work!

Justin dávno
AWESOME vlad. i wouldnt mind a tutorial on how you did this recreation...

Cynthia dávno
Great ! Wonderful! Thanks Vlad.

BalinLeSavage dávno
Excellent. I love it. :-D

Debbie dávno
Super Cool

Matthias Ficht dávno
Another really great one! Thank you so much. :) Greetings from Germany, Matthias

Lucia dávno
i havent got words to say how is the wonderful picture (yes i have a poor english XD) and so thanks for the tutorial

emma dávno
i love this one!

Kelley dávno
Wow, nice and bright! Just what I need to perk me up during these drab winter days! :)

Olya dávno
prosto super! otlichno! :-)

Alex dávno
Great walpaper! (Y)

Jon dávno
Very, very nice!

tezze dávno
tis wel redelijk goed :-)

tmy dávno
it's so beautiful. i like tihs one.. moreover thanks for the information about tutorial.i wondered how it was made but now i know..thanks again =)

Lakshmi 20 Březen 2008
Its really cool, vlad. but i kinda hate frogs. they are so slimy.

Ivelina 17 Duben 2008
This frog is sooo fresh, I place it immediately on my desktop!It's very inspired. Спасибо большое!;-)

Fred Bayley 27 Duben 2008
One of my favorites

Skyrider 12 Červenec 2008
G'day Vlad. Great wallpaper mate.

Vanessa 31 Červenec 2008
You have wonderful artistic visions. I appreciate every single one of them. Fantastic work. :]

CoolMan 29 Září 2008
Cool, man

Kena 1 Listopad 2008
Nice picture, a shame that i cant get it in widescreen unless i register :(

_jen 21 Únor 2009
this is by far, my favorite. beautiful.

CASSIE 21 Březen 2009
love it!

Puerto Rico 23 Duben 2009
Is not a frog is a Coqui

Michel Dias 29 Květen 2009
Esse e um papel de parede maneiro!!!

shyjukesav 17 Červenec 2009

Adam Moore 8 Září 2009
Incredible work. This is the image that first turned me to your work :)

Jen 28 Prosinec 2009

31 Srpen 2011
k lindoooooooooooooooooooooo haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

keller 10 Leden 2013

which animal is this? 10 Říjen 2014
Grenouille its a french word meaning frog right i think it is a frog i can speak french not very much but a little must reply plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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