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The World (Simplified, Night)

The World (Simplified, Night)

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Komentáře {12}

Lenka 28 Květen 2012
... somehow fascinating ...

Vlad Gerasimov 29 Květen 2012
Maxim - almost, this is the modified version of my earlier wallpaper, Typographic World Map (Night).

Marco Sadun 19 Červen 2012
Vlad... may I know what kind of software you used? I am digging inside Photoshop, but I cannot find anything... ( but I remember that in the past I have done something like that!! )

Vlad Gerasimov 28 Září 2012
Thanh Ha - simply right click and Save Picture As...!

Thanh Ha 29 Září 2012
oh, i want to use these beautiful photos for my desktop. I think I have to purchase it somehow, right. If i " save picture as " , it won't have good quality enough to be set desktop wallpaper. Thanks, btw i use macbook ( if it may involve something ).

Erki 29 Květen 2012
Almost like a Voronoi diagram, lovely!

Maxim 29 Květen 2012
How did you choose where to add points? Is it based on population?

Soto 1 Červen 2012
nice Photo

Vlad Gerasimov 20 Červen 2012
Marco - I used Dmesh (for Mac).

Thanh Ha 28 Září 2012
please someone show me how to download these wallpapers or I have to purchase for it. It's my first time here. Thanks

Vlad Gerasimov 30 Září 2012
Thanh Ha - ah, I see. Yes, some sizes are for premium users only. That's how I make my living :-)

Thanh Ha 30 Říjen 2012
Hi Vlad. I want to let you know that I had firgured out the answer to my problem. It turns out that I just need to choose the right resolutions default of the picture which is 1280*800 btw. I'm soo happy. Oh have I told you this: I LOVE YOU and YOUR WORK!! thank you.

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