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Taiga 3

Taiga 3

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Komentáře {16}

Matthew Bentley 24 Červenec 2011
Look at all that Oxygen, haha!

Aziel 24 Červenec 2011
OMG ! This is... very green !

Vlad Gerasimov 24 Červenec 2011
Cec Medina: it is definitely! This is almost not modified photo, the only editing I did was slightly changing levels. Thanks!

Kasia (Катюша) 27 Červenec 2011
Oops, was to "Yours" instead of "pozdrawiam". Sorry:> Катюша

Moni 31 Červenec 2011
Yes, hope these forests persists! And no, your photo wallpapers aren't boring at all. I love it.

dims 3 Srpen 2011
Катюша, hej Kasiu :) obejrzalem twoje pracy w blogu, sa niezle. tak trzymac ;)

barbie-dee 18 Říjen 2011
Where's waldo?

barbie-dee 18 Říjen 2011
Where's waldo?

jhonathan ponce 10 Prosinec 2014
superfine what fine

Martin Trojan 24 Červenec 2011
Oh my... the world may envy such forests...hope Russia won't let anyone destroy these!

Cec Medina 24 Červenec 2011
Oh My! Is this for real? What's peaceful place!

birol yilmaz 25 Červenec 2011
probably there's more than 600 trees in 10.000 square meters !!!

Kasia (Катюша) 27 Červenec 2011
Hello! I love your wallpaper! I'm trying to be inspired by your style, but rather leaves it to me. :> If you wanted to, Mr. Vlad, you can visit my blog with graphics: ubunciak.boo.pl Pozdrawiam, Катюша P.S! P.S! I use google translator. :>

raju wankhede 10 Září 2011
how beautyful

barbie-dee 18 Říjen 2011
Where's waldo?

barbie-dee 18 Říjen 2011
Where's waldo?

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