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Komentáře {21}

Sava DUBROVSKAYA 17 Leden 2013
i think it's an awesome idea :)

Annick B 17 Leden 2013
Délicieuse cette "idée"... car le plus souvent, elle se place au centre avec les éléments qui gravitent tout autour. Maintenant, les psy se risqueront peut-être à analyser : on tourne autour de quoi, de qui : sa mère, son amour, sa vie, ... ?

kombizz 17 Leden 2013
It is very interesting

Barbra Ignatiev 18 Leden 2013
hehe I love that little wandering guy with googly eyes. google-eyes always win. cheers, vlad!

Caro 18 Leden 2013
I loved, is a genial idea!!!!!!

Virginia M Catenazzi 18 Leden 2013
I love to live in that planet! thanks! =)

Vlad Gerasimov 19 Leden 2013
Danka - oops! Puzzle added. Thanks!

Danka 20 Leden 2013
Solved! Thank you :D

Ana 9 Březen 2013
I hail from that planet! You captured it perfectly!

bear 31 Červenec 2013
Nice you have~~~~

CatBkack 15 Únor 2014
Vladstudio is awsome.Wallpapers were colorful.I love it!!!!!!

fengshaun 17 Leden 2013
This is so awesome! :D

Kelcey 17 Leden 2013
I can't begin to tell you how awesome I think this is - I love it, instant favourite.

Coline Bettson 17 Leden 2013
Vlad ! Elizabeth, my tiny Grandaughter, is learning "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," on a small piano. Along with the notes for the song, I have gathered art, depicting stars. Your work is joining the effort ! Thank you very much, Coline, Toronto, Canada

Marquita Liappis 18 Leden 2013
Beautiful - it looks like a solar system with one planet have little eyes... love it.

Danka 19 Leden 2013
Please, Vlad, make a puzzle out of this one as well! It's lovely, and we puzzle-lovers feel denied! ;)

Alice 2 Únor 2013
it'amazing and awesome!! Thank you so much,vlad! :-)

dinesh 5 Duben 2013
i luv ur work....

GEMA 18 Červen 2013

David Han 14 Červen 2016
Very interesting idea, and the background of this wallpaper feels really nice and comfortable.

swapankumar mazumder 21 Červenec 2017
I do not have the website which I have searched after.[at 2:20 AM on the FRIDAY,21/07/2017]

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