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Komentáře {53}

Aidolar 7 Listopad 2009
R2D2 from "Star Wars" ? =))

Pierre-André CLAUX 7 Listopad 2009
Hmm.. I wish a 3840x1200 double 24" would be available... but no... I'm disapointed

Pierre-André CLAUX 7 Listopad 2009
Awesome... TY Vlad

Heidi 7 Listopad 2009
Adorable! I laughed out loud when I just saw it, and it went straight into my wallpaper changer.

Marko 7 Listopad 2009
This wallpaper is hilarious and beautiful at the same time! Keep up the great work, Vlad!

Tanja 7 Listopad 2009
awesome as usual :)

Martin Stružský 7 Listopad 2009
Great job once again! Thank you :-)

Vida Hernaus 7 Listopad 2009
Awwwright!! :)

Brad Kinnan 8 Listopad 2009
I like the paw-like robot arms!

Lily 8 Listopad 2009
This is gorgeous! How about an alternate without any text ... pretty please? :)

Sandra 8 Listopad 2009
M'ha encantat!!! m'ha fet riure molt!! com sempre tan dolç i simpatic! GRACIES!!!!

Vit Svarc 10 Listopad 2009
It is great how you are working with the colors, lighting, shadows, really great. Please, create full design for gnome desktop enviroment (For example in Ubuntu)! It can bet it would be the best theme for this system.

VlAdStUdIoLoVEr 12 Listopad 2009
Great Job! Would it be possible to have one without the text? O and just a random Q- How long does it take you on average to make these masterpieces? :) :D ;)

lucy 16 Listopad 2009
you rock so much................ love ya xxx

bennson 16 Listopad 2009
the C gurus in my company told me that #define true false; wouldn't compile at all. they say the semicolon is wrong. ;o)

dims 23 Listopad 2009
bennson: maybe that's why it's a bug ))

David 10 Prosinec 2009
Beautiful, this may very well get me to buy a subscription!

Chanio 27 Prosinec 2009
Soooooo cool

Frank 30 Prosinec 2009
I love your work, and this another masterpiece. Can I just make one comment? As a programmer friend of mine pointed out, the define should not end in a ';'. It should just be "#define true false". Keep up doing this fabulous artworks and please forgive me for the nitpicking.

Vlad Gerasimov 14 Leden 2010
Better late than never! I was able to update wallpaper and remove semi-colon. Thanks!

lea 13 Březen 2010
nazee , sa me le mes en tout petit

noura 26 Duben 2010
i love your art! n this one is so funny!

AnPavel 9 Květen 2010

8 Únor 2011
Your guy looks so much like you the mascot for Android phones. Who was first you or him or R2-D2? I love 'em all.

nani 7 Duben 2012

tavan 15 Duben 2012

rafa 23 Květen 2012

Kelcey 7 Listopad 2009
Only you could turn something so frustrating into something so delightful:)

Vlad Gerasimov 7 Listopad 2009
Pierre-André CLAUX: you will laugh but 3840x1200 is not there because of... a bug! It is on my computer but did not upload.... I'll fix in a minute.

CK 7 Listopad 2009

Vlad Gerasimov 7 Listopad 2009
Pierre-André CLAUX: I found that I actually had 3840x1200 size from the very beginning! Click this link below wallpaper image: 1920x1200x2

Jaideep Nadkarni 7 Listopad 2009
Very sweet and neat!

Martin Trojan 7 Listopad 2009
What was the bug about? What went wrong Vlad? :)

Anne OBrien 7 Listopad 2009
I just had to reformat my computer :( and needed a new desktop wallpaper. Perfect! Thank you, Vlad!

Japa 8 Listopad 2009
Very nice.

McYukon 8 Listopad 2009
Wow, Your wallpapers are super. I wish I had your talent.

chaitanya 9 Listopad 2009
Wonderful Creation once again vlad....

Leti 10 Listopad 2009

kay 11 Listopad 2009
great wallpaper. robot looks like R2D2 and google android mixed

Hsu Chieh 11 Listopad 2009
Haha, a small mistake inspired this fabulous wallpaper. My account is expiring today which is a frustrating pity I think. From the very first day I encountered this website, all these beautiful wallpapers have left me deep impressions. Thank you! You trully devote a lot to these works. Hope you keep chasing perfection.

Vlad Gerasimov 16 Listopad 2009
bennson: Agrhh! That's a pity!

A.Kinng 18 Listopad 2009
Great! Lov it!

sachin 29 Listopad 2009
simple but priceless......

Bob 22 Prosinec 2009
Hmm... I get it! The computer.... hmmm.... Anyhow, I really enjoy this wallpaper and I am going to send it to my friend because he loves computers! :D

Russell Pitts 30 Prosinec 2009
This is my favorite wallpaper from Vlad

Austin 31 Prosinec 2009
How do u download a pictur

BW 13 Leden 2010
Cute, but I had to photoshop off the semi-colon (you have a compile time bug which is less interesting than the resulting logic bug)

Matkovsky Péter 15 Únor 2010
Amazing! :)

nupur n shatakshi 16 Březen 2010
you're awesome blossom and u have got great brains......vlad

Amaia 3 Červen 2010
It's lovely! You have a great mind!

26 Srpen 2010

Talissa 10 Únor 2011
so cool !!! cutie!!! =DD duh..=D

3wash 11 Duben 2012
I liked this background, especially the robot and insect

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