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Mapa Brooklynu

Mapa Brooklynu

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Komentáře {21}

Spencer 28 Červenec 2010
Weird, I swear I've seen this before.

dbb 28 Červenec 2010
This is great, I'm sure all your NYC users would love it if you made a version for each of the other 4 boroughs.

Raya Bergin 29 Červenec 2010
Vlad, this is really COOL!...Thank you so much for creating this! <3

Loit 29 Červenec 2010
Vlad, you're the man!

Jo 1 Srpen 2010
So I am guessing you will do New Zealand next - heh - just joking. Am sure the people of Brooklyn will lve this tho.

Vida Hernaus 4 Srpen 2010
nice work! :)

Fabian 22 Srpen 2010
Fabian. Got. Los

Ladybuda 1 Září 2010
I'm from Brooklyn, but I haven't lived there for 11 years now and miss it. I love this one! Thank you!!

Jim Kingsepp 31 Prosinec 2010
I am from East Flatbush. It appears you misspelled the name of this neighborhood.

Nick 20 Leden 2011
yep.It's Flatbush not Flatbrush

ado 13 Únor 2011
to je čo

Brent 11 Červen 2012
*** Sorry, the CROWN HEIGHTS is spelled incorrectly; not Brooklyn Heights. My bad!

bahar 13 Červen 2013

Michael Krajnak 28 Červenec 2010
I loved it!! It would be SUPER cool if you could do Staten Island. Staten Island is practically unknown borough of NYC and I grew up there.

Guillermo 29 Červenec 2010
I am very sorry they did not pay you. Your work is outstanding and I pity the guy that left you expecting what you deserve. Hey! But the wheels keep turning and that guy will probably lose much more in the end.

Timothy Meredith 29 Červenec 2010
I love these maps!

betsey 1 Srpen 2010
love it my friend!!!!

otsen7 4 Srpen 2010
i agree with "spencer". i know ive seen this or something very similar (sp) to it before

Roland Thomas 11 Srpen 2010
Hello Vlad, I actually live in Brooklyn and this is absolutely fantastic. A lot of Russians also live in the southern part of Brooklyn, in a neighborhood called Brighton Beach. A very lovely area near the marina. I've always loved your work. May all the best things that you want for you and your family come true in your life. Thanks, Roland

Brent 11 Červen 2012
Love this wallpaper, but the "heights" in "Brooklyn Heights" is spelled wrong ("heigts"). Is there any way a replacement could be uploaded? Or perhaps we could have access to the PSD files directly?

Vlad Gerasimov 15 Červen 2012
Brent - thanks, I fixed that, and will upload updates images soon.

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