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Books (Color 3)

Books (Color 3)

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Komentáře {25}

Moni Janzen 15 Únor 2012
Oh, I love it even as a background for my computer desktop, too. I've only a few items on it and I simply put them onto different book pages. ;-)

AMPIT 15 Únor 2012
Verry Good, Vlad. I had been waiting for a desktop background related with books and or reading and this one is perfect. Thanks once more.

ChristineA 15 Únor 2012
Beautiful. I think the green is my favorite. Even tho it's very busy with all the books, it has a sense of rightness and peace about it. And I laughed when I spied your icon on one of the books. :D I think I'll have to look into Decalgirl. This would be an awesome skin for my MacBook Air since I use it for writing.

Lock 18 Únor 2012
Wow, beautiful as usual. Thanks! :]

Deborah 19 Únor 2012
These are wonderful. I love the green one - soothing even with the busy pattern. I have the library as my wallpaper now - time to change. :)

Nate 23 Březen 2012
This is one of the coolest designs you've ever done! Love it!

neva 13 Duben 2012
each one is perfect! -as always- and surely no wonder, it is alice ;))

Ria 10 Červenec 2012

Zaheen 27 Říjen 2012
Captivating Enough..

Ila:) 16 Listopad 2012
Very very beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

Roman Gogolev 3 Březen 2013
Замечательные часы-обои, но не могу отделаться от ощущения, что раньше выбор был больше?- Новый дизайн сайта одобряю!=

cindy 27 Srpen 2014
beautiful handwriting!!

Eugenia Noriega Plancarte 15 Únor 2012
It's lovely, thank you!

Joyce Clines 15 Únor 2012
This is so great! This decal goes directly on my wish list for my birthday (in less than a month)! I already have the Decal Girl skin "Library" on my Nook. I get a LOT of compliments on it - especially when I'm in Barnes and Noble. ;)

Vlad Gerasimov 15 Únor 2012
ChristineA: thanks! Everybody seems to like this green version more. Unfortunately only brown version is available as a skin at the moment.

ChristineA 17 Únor 2012
Argh! I saw that. Might there be a chance of the green being offered in the future? If not, no worries as I don't think I'd have a problem finding another skin I'd like. :D Your work is so unique & beautiful it'd be a pleasure to have any of them on my MacBook!!

Rhonda 3 Březen 2012
Love it!

Sara 8 Březen 2012
This actually works great as a background on my Mac., which has the icons at the bottom unlike a PC. I absolutely love your art. Thanks so much!

Sol 12 Červen 2012
each one is perfect!!! I really like the color of this one!! I wonder whether it is Alice inspired u with this ~~haha

Stephen ug 13 Srpen 2012
I preferred green ~ what's a lovely colour

Kim 2 Listopad 2012
Beautiful! Thank goodness its free, haha. Thanks!

Rahul 3 Únor 2013
SOOOOOO......... GOOOOOOOOOD......... :) :> :*

divya 7 Srpen 2013
Heee looks lovely i'm waitig for this..,

ran 19 Září 2013

mj 20 Duben 2014
love books

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