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Zatmění modré hvězdy

Zatmění modré hvězdy

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Komentáře {33}

Karl 26 Červenec 2009
Waw. That one is really better, in my opinion. One of the best I've seen for a long time :).

Arthur Pustynin 26 Červenec 2009
Эта приятнее. Люблю холодные цвета.

efand 26 Červenec 2009
always awesome!!

27 Červenec 2009

Jeffrey Shinn 28 Červenec 2009
Yes, I agree that it is both great and that other colors would be awesome. Don't stop now! :) Anyone else notice the optical illusion with it? When I catch it in the corner of my eye to just looking at it it appears as if the lines are moving around the "sun". Cool.

!!??!! 20 Srpen 2009

E\'ek 6 Září 2009
Oalah..., do ngomong opo tho yo? tapie ce gambare uapik.

zack 18 Říjen 2009
um i just posted a comment about A Green one and i'd like it if it was bright green like neon green but not yellow green thats to eyepopping. hehe

zack 15 Listopad 2009
hi its me again, I think u should make a series of colors for this star. It would be nice. I am younger so i could tell my friends about u if u want. They would love it if u made a series. If u cant get 2 it i understand but, if u got some free time just switch the colors around and it would make my day. =]

zack 1 Leden 2010
its me again just gettin more and more desprate

Tim Clark 4 Únor 2010
Is it possible to get some of theses as 3 images. I have three machines with monitors next to each other. I'd like one image for each machine to make up a single image when all three screens are on. e.g. left, centre & right TC ;o)

cat 21 Červen 2010
this wallpaper is perfect! I love it, thanks!

Vaatjie 27 Srpen 2010

Muri 28 Říjen 2012

Vlad Gerasimov 2 Únor 2013
Mike - sorry I cannot provide support for 3rd-party apps, I only provide art! Please try contacting app developer.

Jaideep Nadkarni 26 Červenec 2009
Hundred times more beautiful than the real total eclipse!

Luke Sky Walker 26 Červenec 2009
The Red Version is for me more beautifull. Thats for real. But Blue is more spacy. See u in the pegasus galaxy. ;-)

Tusnelda 27 Červenec 2009
Just wonderful, like all the rest!!!!!

Micky 28 Červenec 2009
This one is perfect for me (I love blue wallpapers). What about a third one in green? That would be perfect for my brother! ;-) Thanks!!!

9 Srpen 2009
قشنگ بود.merci

Gerardo 12 Srpen 2009
Me gusta mas que el color rojo ojala lo tengan en mas colores ok.

Жан 4 Září 2009
Керемет! Рахмет сызге =)

zack 18 Říjen 2009
please make the star in green thats my favorite color and i have been looking for a green desktop background but yours are the best so i cant find any green ones. I need something green! its driving me nuts! =-]

Morgan 11 Prosinec 2009
I was lookingforsomething less "Christmas -y" and more appropriate for Winter Solstice. This was PERFECT!!! Thanks!!

zack 23 Prosinec 2009
its me agin i stil didnt find a green 1. ughhh i give up. but keep going vlad yur art is awsom

Lewis 26 Prosinec 2009

11 Duben 2010

mike 12 Duben 2010
this one is the best!! because blue is my favorite color

Brittney 13 Květen 2010

elmo 15 Červenec 2010

meri 10 Leden 2011

Mike 1 Únor 2013
I installed Screenlets via sudo in terminal window and downloaded the above wallpaper but how do I get Screenlets to display it??

WUJQ 8 Červen 2013

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