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Komentáře {52}

Caleb dávno
Reminds me of the Christmas lanterns ("parols") we hang here in the Philippine islands. Keep up the good work. =)

Hotrod dávno
Lovely walls! Why did you choose to name this 222? I find this very "weird" so to say. That number has had a very big effect on my life in ways people wouldn't believe...

Shalena dávno
I love this mandala style! (l)

jean vigo dávno
great... you make love with colors deeply & colors help you lovely.go on but please do not use darkcolors everywhere.thanks.

Ragen_Dragon dávno
Like To See more! Great Job

Kenneth dávno
Yes, that's similar to the carretas of Costa Rica!!

sanssar dávno

GZ dávno

karkulka dávno
je to super, ja bych to sama lepe nevymyslela

an dávno
eww (N)

shami dávno

shami dávno
Great Great Great Great:-)

ghoti dávno
*hypnotic, i mean

ghoti dávno
great.. i love how it all expands from a simple circle in the middle. it reminds me a lot of artwork done by brandon boyd, from incubus. it is pretty hynotic.

Jhoy dávno
Very colour-full. :)

Lynne dávno
Vlad, I love this! It is bright and happy.

shami dávno
Thish wallpaper is Verry Buitifull

thanhcanh dávno
chuc cac ban nam moi duoc nhieu tien lixi :-P

Demi dávno
You have a gift. I am glad you used it in the right way.

Laura dávno
WOW! you inspire me!!

terush 3 Červenec 2008
vladstudio je nejlepší...hezčí tapety nikde nejsou:)

April 28 Červenec 2009
Perfect Symmetry..

LikeTotallyGood. 24 Květen 2010
I <3 this its really awesome. nice job vlad.

Karla Toledo 23 Duben 2014
Beautiful... Really great work, very colorful and vivid.

eiman 4 Říjen 2014
222 nice and strange name

sofy 19 Květen 2015

muniba dávno
i am over awed :O..... breathtaking!!!!!!!!

Vlad Gerasimov dávno
To Hotrod: each wallpaper I post on my website has a number (ID #). This particular wallpaper turned out to have number #222, so I gave this wallpaper this name.

AAA dávno
Love it!!

krazielyme dávno
greaaaat!! pictures....its too.... ethnic......futuristic.....design the one....always find by an artist.....;

Bonnie dávno
Very ethnic and colorful

billie_joefan@yahoo.co.in dávno
cool how many have u made so far after this i mean

Cindy dávno
That´s beautiful! I´m Costa Rican and that reminds me a lot of our "carretas". Our arts and crafts people paint them with designs very similar to that one. But I bet you already know. Anyway, keep up the great job!

prabhakar dávno

emma dávno
wow love the colours and the patterns

shami dávno
tasoo moor kus da de randaye zamanooooooooooooooooooooo:-o

Kurt Afterworld dávno
Great! How Photoshop can do such fabulous work!

TERESA dávno
very nice but i also would like more land scapes.

jeopardee dávno
pure ethnicity, simply exquisite

heilmile.de dávno
hypnotic - i like it!

2100 dávno
I love your style and all.. but Im really getting bored of these patterns. Do another landscape?

Herbie E. dávno
Ur pictures are the best ever ever ever

Joseph dávno
uh, too many colors by far, keep down to a couple shades or it just gets dumb

sinek dávno
Colorful ;-)

Lala dávno

dk dávno
gorgeous (l)

siva dávno
Very nice

S0UL#07 3 Duben 2008
awesome... simply awesome...

Val 13 Duben 2009
This is truly stunning. Beautiful work!

Bam Bam 7 Září 2009
beatuiful i think it looks like a colidescope love it

Keith George 13 Červen 2010
Even with all the awesome backgrounds on this site, a standout!

eiman 4 Říjen 2014
very nice colors it looks like a magical carpet and looks sometime colorful like a joker hahaha perfect picture :D

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