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Rock stars - now as wood carvings!

{30 Červenec 2010}

Raul de Soroa from Brazil was inspired by my wallpaper Rock Stars and created these figures (hand-cut using a scroll saw) from brazilian hardwood called Massaranduba. Just take a look at these photos! They are so incredibly cool.





Thanks Raul!

If you want to buy these (or enquire for other custom) wood carvings, feel free to contact him at rsoroa@gmail.com

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Komentáře {8}

BlueCat 31 Červenec 2010
Stunning! Very well done!

Vida Hernaus 4 Srpen 2010
yep, you're inspiring :) and this is very cool looking

Photoshop Clipping Path (US) 11 Srpen 2010
I loved all of them , literally. Amazing packages :) Really shows the creativity of the designers

Manual Clipping Path 23 Říjen 2010
thanks for sharing these tips..

Sasho Zahariev 1 Srpen 2010
They look amazing.

deFINE 1 Srpen 2010
Wow! That's really awesome!

Catt 6 Srpen 2010
Nice would look nice as wallpaper too...

nettue 11 Srpen 2010

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