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OrangeIcons.com promo wallpaper - making of

For my new website, orangeicons.com, I decided to design a promo wallpaper, in brand orange color. Here is how. Create new document, fill the first layer with solid orange color, and apply Gradient in layer effects (blend mode = overlay). Or, simply use Gradient tool to fill the layer.


Create new layer (Ctrl-Shift-N), then, important!, open Paths tool window, and create new path. Use Pen tool (P) to create a curve similar to shown here.


Switch to Brush tool (B), choose a brush with small radius (2-3 pixels), and in Paths tool window, click Stroke button (2nd in bottom row). If the line is not wide enough, click Stroke again. Then, remove the path, we will not need it any more.


Hit Ctrl-J to duplicate this layer. Then again. And then...


..make another 50 copies of this layer! Use Move tool to move last layer to the other side of the image.


link all layers with curves (to do that, click Link icon for all layers). Be careful not to link background layer!


Switch to Move tool (V), and on top bar, click Distribute horizontal centers" and "Distribute vertical centers". All curves should become equally distributed along the image and should produce nice geometric texture. HINT: the original curve was very simple


Merge all linked layers into one (Ctrl-E).


Duplicate this layer and rotate it 90 degrees. Now we have a nice curved grid!


Select background layer, then select pen tool (P) (but this time, do not manually create new path!) Once again, sketch a simple curve. it will automatically be placed in new layer. change its blend mode to soft light or overlay.


Similarly, use Shape tool (U) to add a couple of circles to the background. I added 2 circles with blend mode = soft light, and another white circle with blend mode=normal. I also applied very light gradient to this white circle, to give it pseudo 3D look.


The final touch is  to add shadow to the white circle. Duplicate circle layer (Ctrl-J), change its color to light grey, choose Path Selection Tool (A), click to select circle shape, and use buttons on top bar to change its mode to "Substract from shape area". Then, group layer with previous (Ctrl-G). That's all! The only thing left is orangeicons logotype. but how I created it  is the subject for another tutorial :-)


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Komentáře {33}

justin dávno
thank you so much vlad. you rock!

Chakrapani Dubey dávno
I like this tutorial. thanks.

Mr. Language dávno
Ja, ganz nett. (German) Yes, it´s nice. (English) Oui, c´est bon. (Francais)

bob dávno
i cannot find the path tools window or the pen.what do i do?

Nicky dávno
great tutorial. (Y) Heres my result: http://www.pcprostudio.co.uk/temp/igo-blue2.jpg

justin dávno
ahh nevermind....i got it :)

Pavel dávno
justin: It is not letting me link the layers too, you should wrote your solution. :-|

Pavel dávno
Ok, for dummies like me: to link the layers, you have to hold ctrl key and click to all layers you want to link. That's it. (Y)

MIKE 8 Prosinec 2008
Great Tutorials, gives me a great opportunity to use them in my own photo creations. I just wonder How do you save files, into wallpapers? Are you using action to save all files in different resolution? Can you make a tutorial? Regards MIKE

Agus Setia (Indonesia) 28 Srpen 2009
very-very nice vlad, I really like it

ninja diaper 17 Říjen 2009

HANAAN 2 Leden 2010
nize. and i got lots of experience in PHOTO SHOP. thanX

29 Leden 2010

Satisfied 1 Květen 2010
Great Tutorial !

1 Prosinec 2010

anonymous 5 Únor 2012
thank you

yethz dávno
very nice tutorial. very helpful.. Thank you very much.... how about tutorial to make like the strands on Vista wallpapers..

rahul dávno

vinya dávno
respect !

jassi dávno
it's best!!!!!!!!!!

apagin dávno
another way is to draw a line and to record an action which makes a copy and then moves it to a constant distance

justin dávno
its not letting me link the layers

Gene dávno
Thank you very much Vlad! I love your tutorials, and I love your ideas. I hope this business venture goes well. ;-)

Pavel dávno
And if you hold ctrl + shift key, you just need to click first and last layer.

Gerard dávno
I just realized you had tutorials here. I like this one. I'll be visiting more often. Good stuff! (Y)

26 Březen 2009

Dunja 22 Červenec 2009
Hello there, nice one! I'm looking forward to new tutorials. :D

john 1 Říjen 2009
NiCe yA

sai 24 Listopad 2009
u here.....NIce one

Ajith 19 Leden 2010

16 Březen 2010
je to hovadinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

haider 8 Listopad 2010
nice tutorial

26 Srpen 2011
Good job

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