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Green Field - making of

Start with solid dark green color.


Create new layer, switch to Pen tool, make a leaf shape (it will look better a bit unsymmetric, so  do not try to make it perfect symmetric).


Apply the following layer effects to the layer with leaf shape: - outer glow - black, overlay, 50-70%, 10-15px - inner glow - white, overlay, 20-40%, 15-25px


change foreground color to darker green (almost black), create new layer, and then, using same Pen tool, start drawing...






Apply the following layer effects to this layer: - blend mode = screen - outer glow - black, overlay, 10-20%, 5-8px


Group the layers containing elements of leaf into one group. Now you need to make A LOT of copies. Here's the hint to speed up process: select group, hold ALT key, and click-drag group to move it. Every time you drag it, holding ALT key, Photoshop will create a copy of group.


After each 15-20 copies, hit Ctrl-T, rotate and resize....


...once again, make 15-20 copies, rotate, resize, make 15-20 copies, rotate, resize, etc.....


after about 30-40 minutes of copying, rotating and resizing, entire image is filled with leaves and no background is visible. Merge all layers and groups into one layer (it is good idea to save backup PSD file before that) and apply the following layer effect: - gradient, radial, black-to-white, overlay, size:150%, opacity: 20-25%. Done!


But what if  I wanted to plant some flowers into the wallpaper? Easy! Create new layer, set foreground color to white, switch to Pen tool, and draw shape similar o this.


Switch to Pen selection tool (A), select shape, copy (Ctrl-C), paste (Ctrl-V), rotate 180 degrees, move down.


Then, you might already guess... select all, copy, paste, rotate, select all, copy, paste, rotate, select all, copy, paste, rotate, select all, copy, paste, rotate! (Hint - hold SHIFT while rotating).


Apply the following layer effects: - bevel: shadow = black, opacity: 10-15% - outer glow: black, 15-20%, 2-3px


Duplicate this layer, rotate, resize...


...repeat, repeat :-)


Our flower need special leaves for it too. You can use the original layer you created for a leaf in the beginning of this tutorial. Duplicate it, paste in the layer under flower layers...


copy, paste, rotate, repeat :-)


Duplicate layer, rotate, resize! (I also made shape color a bit lighter).


Another part of flower - in new layer, draw a curved line using Pen tool. then - surprise! - copy, paste, rotate, repeat!


The flower is ready!


Group all layers containing parts of flower into one group, and then - i bet you know! - duplicate, move, resize, rotate, repeat!


I also wanted to create special version of wallpaper with berries instead of flowers. Here's how: set foreground color to red, switch to Shape tool, select Ellipse tool, draw circle (hold SHIFT to make it proportional).


Apply the following layer effects: - gradient: linear, white-to-black, overlay, 10-15% - outer glow: black, overlay, 30-40%, 4-6px


create new layer, set white color, switch to Brush tool, select small hard brush, put one small dot on top of circle. Then, create new layer, set its blend mode to overlay, select larger softer brush, put another dot on bottom of circle, then hit Ctrl-T and resize it horizontally (so that is  it ellipse, not circle).


In another new layer (with blend mode set to overlay and opacity set to 40-60%), use black and white small brushes to give more 3D look.


Group all these layers into one group, and then.... (chorus) - duplicate, move, resize, repeat!


Berries need their own leaves too. You already know how to  do them, so here are a bit different shapes to create for them...


... this step is also the same as  in the beginning of the tutorial (creating leaf)...


and again... duplicate, move, rotate, resize, repeat...


In new layer, add a shadow with large black brush.




The last thing to  do is.... Duplicate! Move! Resize! Repeat! :-) That's all! Thanks for your time.


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Andrei dávno
Thanks a lot for sharing this one...I really love your wallpapers

Marcis dávno
Neploho, neploho

Rindersteak dávno

prashant dávno
Its a beautiful, what a creativity?

Madeline Puckette dávno
My friend introduced me to your webpage, and being a designer myself I was truly impressed by the detail and amazing use-of-color you have in your works. Your tutorials prove that you have great technical skill and have helped see new ways to design! I love Vlad Studios! www.madworldrecords.com

Cynthia dávno
Me again, Sorry Val I didn't let my computer get all pictures on tutorial and ALL OF THEM are there. ;-)

Cynthia dávno
Hi Val, thanks for sharing ouyr making with us. novertheless i can't see steps 16 to 23 'cose pictures don't show up. I'm following your instructions and WOW without your tuturials i could never ever guess how to possible do it. Thanks heaps. Happy New Year from Oz

kunimitsu 21 Leden 2008
it's really a big help, thanks for sharing it. I love it and your wallpapers.

ibrahim(Turkey) 21 Únor 2008
it's magnificent!

Vlad Addict 10 Březen 2009
From now on you can rule our Screens Master... FOREVERRRRRRRR!!! keep on ruling...

Rhys 10 Červenec 2009
i'm lovin' it~~

Rachel 3 Leden 2010
You are amazing!

Pladimir Vutin 11 Leden 2010

girl dávno
its very cool and nise goooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddddd.

FatCatKeeper dávno
Nice! Always enjoyed your creations.

mT dávno
Not only do you make awesome stuff, but you put the tutorials up as well! Thanks so much for sharing. I always love seeing how people create such great work. Keep it coming!

Wong Man Fai dávno
Your wallpapaer is very nice! Thanks!

Nikesh dávno
that was really a cool one for me to get!!! well thanx

Mai Pham dávno
Everything is so cute and simple. Nice guy, beautiful desktop paper. Thanx Vlad!

Zouzy dávno
WOW!!! Really speechless i mean this is where creativity lies totally in simplicity!!! I'm really out of breaths well done and you people made a wonderful job *thumbs up*

Anne dávno
I'm going to enjoy going through this trying...(I said trying)...to duplicate some of your effects.......thanks alot

Balin LeSavage dávno
Love these tutorials, thanks

Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira dávno
Some ideas for an animation are mind blogging me right now! Thanks allot.

Sandy 17 Červenec 2008

Voul 4 Leden 2009
Нет слов. Просто офигенно

Tjeerd 27 Červen 2009
Wow, I just realized that I have that picture as wallpaper of my mobile phone for almost a year now

Nika 11 Listopad 2009
Здорово! Очень понравился урок! Thanks!

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