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Duality - Making of

The DUALITY wallpaper was inspired by  an amazing fractal freeware called ContextFree - http://www.ozonehouse.com/ContextFree/ . After some tweaking I produced the fractal shown here (image size reduced).


The best thing in Context Free is that it can render one fractal many times with random settings and, as  a result, slightly different results. So  I put two fractals together...


... and again, and again, and finally I had some 15+ fractals overlaying each other, filling almost all space around them (which was my purpose).


Next, I prepared the background - a simply gradient, a bit distorted in the middle with brush tool.


I added the texture to the background, using the same technique that I use on many wallpapers. (see https://www.vladstudio.com/photoshoptutorial/?cant_sleep_making_of )


...Then I added my set of fractals and put it  to the left edge of wallpaper....


... and then made a copy and put it  to the right.


...One final touch was using black brush to fill the gaps. That's all!


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Komentáře {22}

justin dávno
thank you so much vlad. awesome job here. (Y) :-D

Alina dávno
Awesome totaly! I love it!

rapchi dávno
ya arkadaşlar manyaq bişi aq be.....(y)

Ben dávno
sweet. Thanks for the tip. I really enjoy all of your wallpapers.

Ad dávno
(Y) marvelous

jalandra dávno
amazing and thanks for not to hide your work

Panchal dávno
Wow, how could it be that easy? Great. Do you visualize it finished before you start?

Simgust 20 Červen 2008
Awsome, your´e the best!!

marian riquelme 2 Září 2009
Well, as long as i'm just a graphic designer and i've never pretended to know how to program anything I've been a little much slow in using Context Free. I tried to read make magazine, but i realized at any point as was out of focus. I know it would be easy, but... could you tell a little more about CFDG on your own words??? tnx a lot

21 Březen 2010

celal öney dávno
very fantastic

Paulina dávno
Great image, but I cannot see the three first

Nick dávno
Unbelievable simplicity. Brilliant (Y)

Leon dávno

china96163@126.com dávno

Scott dávno
Most impressive...not only this but ALL of your images. I'm a fan!

venkatesh dávno
thaking u for your creativity giving us

HaNnAh 8 Červen 2008

birute 26 Listopad 2008
I'm impressed

Marian Riquelme 10 Listopad 2009
It;s ok, but I really want to know how to take the draw from CF to Photoshop in good resolution above 72 dpi's...

zhr 1 Prosinec 2009

niku 26 Březen 2012
frumoase toate

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