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Create your own wallpaper clock

Tips & Tricks

Unleash your Creativity!
Each hour, minute, day, weekday and month is separate PNG image. Because of that, you are not limited to digits and arrows in your clock design. In fact, you can draw absolutely anything! The only other limitation is the reasonable file size of your WCZ design, if you plan to distribute it over Internet.
For example, you can draw a flower that grows each minute, or you can draw water that fills some water clock, and so on! For quick example, look at this clock: Old wood.
Use Photoshop Actions
If you plan to create more than one clock, you will find the process very time-consuming. If you have experience with Photoshop actions, you will find them very helpful in wallpaper clock development.
Unfortunately you cannot record text editing into an action, so you cannot automate, for example, creating digits from hour0.png to hour23.png.
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