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Relógios de parede 

Gagarin (Planet 2)

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Vlad Gerasimov 9 Abril 2011
This wallpaper is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's historic flight on 12 April 1961. You know that aliens exist, and because people see them sometimes, aliens seem to have experience in space travels. But did you realize that there had to  be an alien who was the first? Their Gagarin :-) Thanks for viewing!

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Comentários {26}

Dominique MAPPS 9 Abril 2011
There are some trouble with dual screen wallpaper.

Dominique MAPPS 10 Abril 2011
Happy to see this nice wallpaper... Thank's a lot... And big up for Youri's historical "fly" brithday.

Oziel 11 Abril 2011
And do you know that there are more creatures strangers in the oceans than in the space?

Stefano 11 Abril 2011
I love the thick, solid looking planetary rings. Reminds me of a geode slice :)

Bee 12 Abril 2011
like this wallpaper.. the aliens are so cute too.. :D

18 Abril 2011
i dont get this backround βγςΗθLα

moníček 28 Abril 2011
To je fakt hezký mám to na ploše.

koccs 5 Maio 2011
Jocelyn H Plante: Choose your resolution from smartphone section. There are lot, I think you can find the needed picthure if you want.

15 Junho 2011
aaaaaaaawwwww these are so lovely !!

24 Agosto 2011

nilesh patidar 31 Agosto 2011
very beautiful clock

york.j.lee 10 Outubro 2011
So beautiful !

Сергей Соколов 27 Fevereiro 2012
Very good! I like Your Art's. Now, one of this works, on my table. Serge 26.02.12

Vlad Gerasimov 9 Abril 2011
Dominique MAPPS: Wooahh! Indeed there are! I'll fix as soon as possible.

Eva de Hilster 10 Abril 2011
Hi Vlad, I can't seem to find to login field anymore. I'm a bit blind or is there a bug? Kind regards, Eva

Chaitanya 11 Abril 2011
Wonderful creation yet again....

Ampit 15 Abril 2011
Love it. Thanks

Livanco 16 Abril 2011
Ну что тут можно сказать, мы первые полетели в космос! ))

Jocelyn H Plante 30 Abril 2011
Have you think to Android phone user ?

Jack 18 Maio 2011
Je to hezký

ttttttte 26 Maio 2011

Volker 22 Julho 2011
Hi, very beautiful wallpaper but could you make an alternate version without the speech bubble and the text?

Cindy 10 Setembro 2011
~~~I like this funny clock,if I can,I'll use them to my PPT~

18 Janeiro 2012
cute 很喜欢 3 Abril 2012
Cool wallpaper. Thank

cro librarian 10 Fevereiro 2015
without reeding the description I asumed it was story time for the little aliens

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