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Vlad Gerasimov 8 Dezembro 2005
Another christmas theme for your desktop! Shapes created with ContextFree. Looks best at night, with lights and heating turned off :-)

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Eros há muito tempo

nina há muito tempo
betsattelllllllllllllllllllllllllllll (y)

paris hilton há muito tempo

Niki há muito tempo
Too good.............

anon há muito tempo
excellent; your abstracts are my favorites (Y)

branislav srbija há muito tempo
svaka cast majstore

Eric há muito tempo
i like it too

matt hawaii há muito tempo
(N) wah wallpapersnya kagak bisa di download ! It's NOT GOOD

friendofraj há muito tempo

niki há muito tempo
i think it is a great picture

domantas há muito tempo
suvesk sofing

Animesh há muito tempo
Merry Christmas to all those persons who are watching this site.

shakman há muito tempo
goyo is Beautiful.,Fantastic!good..I'm mongolia(Y)

phontanka há muito tempo
Fantastic! Vladstudio makes the best wallpapers ever! Absolutely astonishing artwork!

KrYsTiN!!!!! há muito tempo
i truley think it looks umm pk but not good!:-(

Vlad Gerasimov há muito tempo
Curious how this wallpaper was made? I published a short tutorial about making of Frosted wallpaper, please check it out at

Moo há muito tempo
I just had to mention again how much I love this wallpaper, in case it hadn't gotten through yet... :D

Cat há muito tempo
Thanks for the fix. This design would make wonderful gift wrapping paper, maybe you need a new sideline! :-)

Jose Antonio há muito tempo
Very good composition. Congrats and thanks for sharing!

Moo há muito tempo
It's beauuuuutiful!!!!! :) I love it! Thank you so much!!!!

Caline há muito tempo
:-D This is perfect!!! :-D

Cat há muito tempo
Love this but the 2560x1024 single dual has a horrible green artifact line through it :-( Glad to see a couple more duals added recently. It's getting so hard to get dual walls as the quality artists seem to do widescreens more often these days. Don't forget us dual fans (the reason I became a member), the wonderful artwork often suffers when we try to crop down widescreens to fit .

Ying há muito tempo
I love it. :-)

Carlos há muito tempo
:-) (Y) :-) (Y) :-) (Y) :-) (Y) :-) (Y) :-) (Y) :-) (Y) :-) (Y) :-) (Y) :-) (Y)

avidwriter há muito tempo
awesome!! (Y)

POPOEVER há muito tempo

son há muito tempo

mb há muito tempo
Î÷åíü êðàñèâî! Âëàäó ðåñïåêò çà òàêóþ êðàñîòèùó! (Y)

SLUNKO há muito tempo
Great work pal :)

CC 27 Janeiro 2008
Vlad u r amazing, how did you do this???

ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 9 Setembro 2008
정말 짱이다ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

yunihar 23 Janeiro 2009
weeEEw... wwOOOoww... cantiknya..

Irfaan 4 Janeiro 2010
Simply beautiful !!

Eva 6 Novembro 2010
Is a beatifull!!!

paniz 7 Agosto 2011
lave :*

Me 20 Outubro 2011
do you have any moving backgrounds??? just curious my friend has one from somewhere

fatih há muito tempo
beautiful thanks

freddy há muito tempo
this wallpaper sux

adins há muito tempo
Great! Thanks

AAA há muito tempo
excellent! A+++

Silvy há muito tempo

Sasha BGD há muito tempo
its greats and happy birthday

KRYSTIN BITCH!! há muito tempo
(U) (L) (N) (N) (N) ITS SUX LOL JK!!

mina há muito tempo

zu há muito tempo
cute ;)

Laurie há muito tempo
Makes me think of the Universe!

Vanessa há muito tempo

Sunitha há muito tempo
Merry Christmas & Happy NewYear to all.. (L)

Aslam há muito tempo
Oh yeh that's a very beautiful wallpaper of CHRISTMAS.

há muito tempo
Êëàññíûé ñàéò...ÏÐÎÑÒÎ ÊËÀÑÑÑ!(Y)(L);-)

soyoloo há muito tempo
it`s my favourite winter

hilu há muito tempo

Jade há muito tempo
...and i like this one very much also...Thanks Vlad!...yes it will look lovely with the lights out but not my heat off!...been pelted with ice chunks recently!:-)

Moo há muito tempo
I just had to mention again how much I love this wallpaper, in case it hadn't gotten through yet... :D

justin há muito tempo
woohoo! theres my wintery wallpaper!!! this is already on my desktop. beautiful work my friend. do you think you could provide a tutorial for this please, ive tried making things like this using the other types of programs youve said youve used for a couple of your other wallpapers, but i cant seem to get it. awesome work!! :-)

MaGaLy há muito tempo
Nice :)

Vlad Gerasimov há muito tempo
Cat - thanks for reporting! My connection gets broken all the time while I upload. Don't worry I wont forget and will provide dual versions for as many wallpapers as possible :-)

Cristina há muito tempo
Awesome!!! :-O

Rina há muito tempo
Muy lindo! aunque en mi país las navidades nunca son blancas :(

LLJ há muito tempo
Great one for the season!! :-O

Dr.$ há muito tempo
keep up the good work (Y)

Mini me há muito tempo
It's aiight.But it is kinda kool!:-l

Elena há muito tempo
So nice!

Ben Miller há muito tempo
Very well done.

anonymous há muito tempo
a little too generic for me :-|

Marjolein há muito tempo
Thank you so much for this wallpaper. I love it! :-D

serpil há muito tempo
thanks. Beautiful.:)

NIK$ 16 Março 2008
wowww THE BEST Unique Site EVER I found for wallpapers for real !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nancy 1 Setembro 2009
It's very nice!!!!!!!!!!

momo 22 Maio 2010
just great... i like ur art

Taliakum 11 Novembro 2010
Wow!Thanks for making my desktop special during Christmas. Keep designing!

zizi 10 Novembro 2012

Cyril 30 Dezembro 2012
Thank you very much, that s a great pic, full of life, stars and hope, great color, Merry Christmas to all and Best Wishes for 2013, Long life and happiness :)

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