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Who Stole The Moon? Promo

Who Stole The Moon? Promo

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Comentários {33}

Nicola Zaghen 16 Outubro 2010
looks beautiful! will be my wallpaper for next week :D

Daniele Mambelli 16 Outubro 2010
Beautiful wallpaper and I think book is great! I wish I was a children ;)

Vlad Gerasimov 16 Outubro 2010
Татьяна - какие проблемы? Берите обе! :-)

Vida Hernaus 16 Outubro 2010
looks fantastic! :)

James Egli 16 Outubro 2010
Thank you, Vlad! It\'s beautiful and the book looks wonderful!!

Vic 17 Outubro 2010
Great! are you gonna do any more halloween ones?

Nick Khomchuk 18 Outubro 2010
Влад, ну это же понятно кто украл луну! XD

stan 18 Outubro 2010
I want a wallpaper how fox stolen the moon!!! It is the perfect wonderfull picture!! I want it, i need it!! Vlad you really have to create a wallpaper with this picture, pleaaaaaaassssseeee. (

Vlad Gerasimov 19 Outubro 2010
Amitabha: it well for me! Not sure what could go wrong.

fox 19 Outubro 2010
The fox as thieve is really excelent!!

Kade 21 Outubro 2010
i like it. Thanks so much.

michal 26 Outubro 2010
Vlad the fox with moon in its mouth is excelent. This picture as wallpaper is really good idea.

Claire 30 Outubro 2010
Love it <3 looking forward to more wallpapers! :]

:D 5 Novembro 2010
Milujem tu líšku!! (i love the fox with moon!)

Ozy 2 Dezembro 2010
Good Wallpaper like it a lot

zeynep 4 Fevereiro 2011
çok güzel bir resim

janny 21 Fevereiro 2012
when I know vlad I become a luckygirl!! you are genious!!! and I am luckygirl!!!

Atosa 20 Setembro 2013
It's SoOoOoO Awesome... :)

Татьяна, Украина 16 Outubro 2010
Влад, просто великолепно! Такая красота! Просмотрела картинки на офиц. сайте книги.. С удовольствием сама бы почитала *) Теперь вот сомнения одолевают на каком языке заказывать книгу - Англ. или Русском?!

Minh Vu 16 Outubro 2010
Lovely wallpaper, big fan. Keep up the fantastic work

Ray 16 Outubro 2010
Finally something colourful and shiny to put on the desktop :) Keep them coming :)

Ola 17 Outubro 2010
Lovely wallpaper, but some people know who stole the moon ;)

Vlad Gerasimov 18 Outubro 2010
Nick: ага! Именно по этой работе меня нашла автор сказки.

19 Outubro 2010
Nice work as always. The fox as a possible moon thieve would be nice as well. ;)

Amitabha 19 Outubro 2010
I can't see this wallpaper but all of the others. Why? Can you give me the 1920X1440 link to me directly?Thank you very much.

Светлана Калинина 20 Outubro 2010
Отличная картинка, и самый прекрасный подарок для дочки! Влад, ты точно волшебник! :)))

Azz 29 Outubro 2010
I think it is Gru for he is Despicable ;)

Andy 29 Outubro 2010
It is just so beautiful. Thank you

librarian croatia 1 Novembro 2010
jeeeej!!! so happy the book is comeing!!!

sara 5 Novembro 2010

vvss 15 Dezembro 2010

9 Junho 2011
it was very beauty and i love it

valleyyao 5 Abril 2012
Wonderful sense, the moon is so bright, and sky's so blue.

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