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Happy Valentine's Day: A Girl In Love (English)

Happy Valentine's Day: A Girl In Love (English)

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Comentários {29}

Marcus 7 Fevereiro 2008
I like them all french and english,there great like allways Vlad!!! Grtz from Ostend in Belgium. PS: Formula One season is beginning soon,could you make a wallpaper about Formula One then,many THX,Marcus.

mj 15 Fevereiro 2008

sad girl 3 Março 2008
man in this life desreve not love of woman because they came to life for a one raison-hurt woman-this is why i hate man .in my contry man love him self he never think about woman for exemple me i loved a man and he loved me after he go out with my best last word i hate man?

Rit@ 2 Maio 2008
i like this wallpaper but I don't have no one to send it... mens are very egocentric... ;( they don't care about us ((womens)) they just wanna clean clothes food on the table and a bed for sleep... and if we don't wash their clothes they start grumble with us and saying we don't do anything well!! they are execeptions but I never saw a men who cares about women execept my grandfather... well its what I think but maybe you have a different way to see mens... I don't know......

ICCMI_8516 12 Junho 2008
True love is when you shed a tear and still want her. It's when she ignores you and you still love her. It's when she loves another you still smile and say I'm happy for you. When all you really do is cry...and cry.......we all get hurt n some way......maybe we forget for sometimes wat actually LOve is ?......maybe we all do.....but i still love u and i will always,thts how i Love u....

minal 25 Julho 2009
it's so nice

§haron 13 Agosto 2009

Pi 3 Novembro 2009
How unfortunate to read these messages of broken hearts. My advice is: a good and true woman or man doesn't come easily nowadays, but they are worth to wait for. So don't rush any decisions guys, because you're going to end up like this :( Let's play some puzzles here and cheer up.

Happy Girl 14 Fevereiro 2010
hi, Happy valentine Every one!

g0rg0d 8 Janeiro 2011
Awesome walll.....

vineeth 7 Dezembro 2011
i love thissss. cute girl ,just like my girl friends......////

sean 8 Fevereiro 2008
I like it

Jaideep 12 Fevereiro 2008
Cool... Much better with the girl's eyes made more subtle compared to her glaring ones in the French version. Really adorable.

ming 14 Fevereiro 2008

Koreanu 19 Fevereiro 2008
As vrea tainic într-o noapte/Sã mã vãd la pieptul tãu/Sã spun soapte,dupã soapte/Apãsându-te mereu.

gorilla 1 Abril 2008
what a wonderful!

katy 23 Abril 2008
i love you too!!

Rit@ 2 Maio 2008
****THERE are execeptions but I never saw a men who cares about women execept...

Gute 12 Maio 2008
Vlad you're amazing :)

ahmed 17 Maio 2008
thank you

mkultra 18 Maio 2008

Marakins 22 Janeiro 2009
Would love to get this printed on canvas!! would look amazing on my wall!

Elena-Beth 28 Maio 2009
Men can be wonderful and loving, especially my dear, kind husband! I know I'm blessed to share this life with him, and I'm going to surprise him tomorrow with this picture as his desktop background on his MacBook. Thanks, Vlad!

Pi 3 Novembro 2009
Adorable. This little girl looks like the designs of Suzanne Woolcott. What do you think?

ricele 15 Novembro 2009
oi gatona;

jaise 19 Fevereiro 2010
useful while on desktop

Avril 10 Outubro 2011

Sachithra 16 Maio 2012
Very nice

more 18 Dezembro 2012
lindo muy lindo :)

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