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Siberian Winter 2

Siberian Winter 2

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Comentários {9}

Aud 24 Novembro 2008
So beautiful!

Karla 25 Novembro 2008
me encanta!!!... Muy buena fotografia...

Andreas Jensen Gjellesvik 26 Novembro 2008
awesome wall! but there is something wrong with the 1400x1050 version. i get black bars on both sides and nothing on top and bottom. see this screenshot of my desktop:

thinmaster 27 Novembro 2008

Jaideep Nadkarni 28 Novembro 2008
Simple photos? Come on, Vlad... you couldn't get more modest than that, lol. They're unbelievably great, trust me!

Ricky Malloru 24 Novembro 2008
Awesome Background

Mik 25 Novembro 2008
I think, this pic - very middle quality and middle art. But site - very nice and much child's pics are very smiling. Excuse me my english. PS. On this site, photos - is nothing against child's pics.

Loic Hesling 27 Novembro 2008
Very nice, by the way, seen your wallpaper on :

maple 1 Dezembro 2008
noel den rui` kia` ! happy noel.......chuc' noel vui ve~ !!!!!!!!!


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