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The Gathering Storm (Halloween Night)

The Gathering Storm (Halloween Night)

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Comentários {41}

VladFan 6 Outubro 2009
I like it! :D It will be staying up on my screen until November. Good job again! :)

Emilia 6 Outubro 2009
Vlad, I like this one a lot!! It's very creative!! And it makes me smile too! It leads to play! Thank you!!!!!!

very nice one vlad.

ding 7 Outubro 2009
So cute!

Richard Reader 7 Outubro 2009
Fantastic - now, will it be the kitten or this one?

I Love Your Website 7 Outubro 2009
There was this wallpaper that I really liked that had Vladstudio on it, so I typed it in and found this website! It's so nice. I like this wallpaper as well.

Vlad Gerasimov 8 Outubro 2009
Carole Frantz: unfortunately I cannot advise because it depends on mobile phone software. Thanks.

Anna 9 Outubro 2009
Das ist sehr gut, fantastische Idee! Diese Grafik ist wunderbar, wirklich begrűnden Sie Kunst! Das gefällt mir sehr. Ich danke schőn und warte auf mehr. Mit herzlichen Grűßen, Anna.

Mordi 12 Outubro 2009
I am just taken back by your work. This is wonderful, like all your work. Thank you soo much.

Nell 22 Outubro 2009
Cute & spooky at the same time. I like it much!

30 Outubro 2009

Stef 7 Novembro 2009
love it!!!!!!!

Bob 22 Dezembro 2009
Amazing! You people have the most amazing ideas!!!

Ann 3 Janeiro 2010
My favourite...!!

Antoine Guédès 27 Janeiro 2010
My fav!

adam 2 Fevereiro 2010
mámstrašně rát halloween

16 Maio 2010
rất tuyệt

otsen7 5 Agosto 2010
wow this really made me laugh

tonyl 27 Fevereiro 2013
Is wonderfull

ayush pathak 10 Setembro 2015
Awesome wallpapers i really like all these.

Martin Stružský 6 Outubro 2009
I love the Halloween edition of Cheshire Kitten, but this is definitely the best of the three new wallpapers - it's just the good old Vlad as we know him with his brilliant ideas. :-) Love it! :-)

ChristineA 6 Outubro 2009
Oooo! Love these Halloween themed wallpapers. Halloween & Fall are my favorite times of the year. :D Thanks so much Vlad!!

Marto 7 Outubro 2009
Oh Great !

Tusnelda 7 Outubro 2009
Love it!!!!!!!! Thanks again, Vlad!!!!!!!!

Leti 7 Outubro 2009
really nice

tamalita 7 Outubro 2009
i love the new halloween wallpapers! thank you so much!

Carole Frantz 8 Outubro 2009
How do i download picture to my cell phone?

Rodolfo 8 Outubro 2009
Very nice I love it I've been wanting new wallpapers to set the Halloween mood :D

Pete 9 Outubro 2009
'The gathering storm'. from now on known as 'the storm gathering'

Emmanuel Iduma 10 Outubro 2009
If there's anything like a genius, this is it. Vladstudio is it. If there's nothing like it, this would define it.

jk 16 Outubro 2009
excelent, i like it

Katya 16 Outubro 2009
The Gathering Storm... not a tribute to WoT is it?

Tud 24 Outubro 2009
Superb work man!!! Wow and thanks for the Halloween offer! Finally my mac will look good from now on! Cheers from Bucharest :)

Mariya K-W 30 Novembro 2009
Your skill when showing light is simply amazing..

nani 3 Dezembro 2009

RazvanNNNNN 8 Janeiro 2010

jsd 15 Janeiro 2010

drapi 1 Março 2010
bezte vsichni do prdele

kazimiera 26 Março 2010
looks like halloweeen theme......

tsd 27 Outubro 2011
excelent, i like it

1sun3 28 Outubro 2012
Thank You so much!!! =]

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