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Comentários {51}

Zach King 2 Agosto 2011
Very Cool!

Robin Bagley 2 Agosto 2011
I don't need to know why...all I need to know is that it's on my desktop. :D

Ziani 2 Agosto 2011
I wont't ask you why lol....have to say there is something about it. Thanks :)

Paolo 2 Agosto 2011
... but which side the egg fall? LOL

Jan 2 Agosto 2011
Nice and simple! :D

Vida Hernaus 2 Agosto 2011
sweet :)

ChristineA 2 Agosto 2011
LOL. Nope, not gonna ask. It's gorgeous though. Love the colors!! Can you do one right side up too, maybe???

mohammad 3 Agosto 2011

Mark 4 Agosto 2011
Beautiful. I don't care why, I just care that you keep making these :)

richard - cuba 5 Agosto 2011
Very nice, your's walpapers always are the best. I'm Your FAN.

andrea 11 Agosto 2011

ustuntas 11 Agosto 2011
I assume that this flamingo see us like that :)

joanna 16 Agosto 2011
this has inspired my own attempt at flamingo art... we shall see how it turns out. :p

stefania alunni 17 Agosto 2011
I don't why, but I feel like tihis flamingo.......tanks Vlad

jasmine windom 23 Agosto 2011
Its simply beautiful, just made it my desktop background:)

Jo 27 Agosto 2011
I am in NZ so it works for me, down under :)

Luke 30 Agosto 2011

michele 1 Setembro 2011
i won't ask why, but i do ask for one right side up please! very nice! (lover of all things flamingo)

Kristyna Kubacova 6 Setembro 2011
My favourite one! I'd just prefer hushed turquoise backgroung... And shame, it doesn't come as wallpaper clock, too.

Volpe 9 Setembro 2011
Увидела календарный вариант на и сразу поняла, что работа Влада! Вот он - стиль!

Vlad Gerasimov 14 Setembro 2011
Jorge: I did not. Just too busy with job and a child, plus business travelling.

Vlad Gerasimov 15 Setembro 2011
Jorge: I miss them too :-) I hope to draw new ones really soon.

Shamaya 20 Setembro 2011
Nice ;)

Rafael 29 Novembro 2011
Esta página es un asco

hoang long 1 Abril 2012

Vlad Gerasimov 16 Julho 2013
Denise - I only offer "virtual" puzzles, not actual puzzles. Thanks!

Martin Trojan 2 Agosto 2011
Vlad, why did you create this wallpaper?

Kami Costello 2 Agosto 2011
Since I live in the United States, I'm pretty sure this is a Chinese flamingo (Chinesicus Flamingicus). Creatures on the other side of the world are always upside down--just ask Alice! Of course, since Vlad lives on the other side of the world from me, maybe it Chinese after all. It could be a common Florida Flamingo. This all gets very confusing very fast. Well...whatever and whyever, it's delightful! Thanks, Vlad!

beer.geek.chick 2 Agosto 2011

Piotr 2 Agosto 2011
Featherstone, friend of Gnomeo, I presume... :)

tamalita 2 Agosto 2011
love it :) i love flamingoes :) thank you!

AMPIT 3 Agosto 2011

dims 3 Agosto 2011
Paolo, good question ))) my version: this is the way flamingo sees the world, that's why! ;)

Jorge 5 Agosto 2011
This wallpaper is a mistery :) but it is awesome...

Elen 9 Agosto 2011

Kristyna Kubacova 11 Agosto 2011
Yep, this is what I like.

Belle 12 Agosto 2011
Love this! Vlad, you always make great wallpapers...thank you so much!

zana 17 Agosto 2011
This is the perfect

Yasser 20 Agosto 2011

Elen 21 Agosto 2011
stuff,just it

Callum Barker 24 Agosto 2011
Nice job, always looking forward to your releases :)

Im :) 31 Agosto 2011
looove it :) :) no-clue-why-but-whatever stuff is always better!

Barbara Kurzawska 6 Setembro 2011
My little daughter loves watching 'Tinga Tinga' animated series for kids. I remember one episode about flamingos. Everytime I watch this wallpaper, I have that episode in my mind. Why? It was about: 'why flamingos stand on one leg?' :) Do you know why? ;) Anyway: great wallpaper. As always :)

idin 10 Setembro 2011
Where are you vlad?

Jorge 14 Setembro 2011
Why not many wallpapers this year? Where are you? You have forgotten your customers Vlad.

Jorge 15 Setembro 2011
Thank you for your reply Vlad. I am happy you are doing great with your family and business. We just miss your beautiful wallpapers.

Ben 16 Setembro 2011

Mariamo 30 Outubro 2011

Morgan 25 Março 2012
I love this wallpaper. It is pretty ROCKIN!!!!!!1

Denise 16 Julho 2013
I would like to purchase the puzzle of the upside down flamigo? Can you tell me?

Stevie 11 Julho 2015
Like it!

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