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The Family of Colors (3)

The Family of Colors (3)

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Comentários {12}

Kaz 11 Junho 2009
I love these, but what are these creatures? Are they like Pantone swatches or colour books?

steluciani 12 Junho 2009
hi vlad good work, but need a little correction in the name: in italian the colour orange is "arancione" not "arancia".. "arancia" is the fruit and "arancione" is the color.. unfortunately in english there is only one world: orange

yun\'s friend 29 Julho 2009
its terrific!!wow!! could you put some new picture about LOVE????

kazimiera 17 Dezembro 2009
wow its son weird and cool

behnaz 22 Agosto 2010
these are fantastic.

Kaz 11 Junho 2009
Also love the new site :)

Vlad Gerasimov 11 Junho 2009
Kaz: exactly! These are "color testers", or "guide books".

efand 13 Junho 2009
simple but creative

Lorena 19 Junho 2009

Jaideep Nadkarni 20 Junho 2009
Lol, very sweet and neat!

28 Setembro 2009
مافهمت ولا شي قهررررر بس شكلهم حلوين شوكراا

Kazstap 11 Janeiro 2013
Hi Vlad Love your wallpapers and other stuff - and love this clock. Good for teaching visual literacy, symbolism and design. But as I am a bit of a Luddite with computers can you please tell me how I get this clock to stay. I have to reload it each time after I shutdown the computer. (have installed Dexclock).


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