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Cell Division

Cell Division

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Comentários {57}

levacic_zero 4 Dezembro 2009
cool!thanks vlad

.Rafael 4 Dezembro 2009
So cool..Again...

Andrew Breakspear 4 Dezembro 2009
Brilliant! Classic Vlad...

tré 5 Dezembro 2009
awesome! can you make a monkey artwork?

Jay (Manila, Philippines) 5 Dezembro 2009
Coolest interpretation of mitosis ever!!! nice work, Vlad!

Pame 5 Dezembro 2009
WOW! love it!

fengshaun 5 Dezembro 2009
Wow, amazing one indeed! Why don't you make a DNA wallpaper too? :D

Mel 5 Dezembro 2009
This is really cute...I am a biology teacher and I will make this my wallpaper on my classroom computer when I teach about cell division!

Vida Hernaus 5 Dezembro 2009
haha! cool! :)

George Mariot 6 Dezembro 2009
Same brilliant Vlad !

Daniel Marin 7 Dezembro 2009
Biology at its most animated!!! Pass Me A Taco (stages of mitosis)!

Minh Hieu TRINH 7 Dezembro 2009
Coooool !!!!!

lacteo 9 Dezembro 2009
ok. is embarrassing but I can not set up my two monitors back ground....some help guys? thank you! Cheers.

10 Dezembro 2009
Great!! I love it!!!!

An4y 10 Dezembro 2009

VladFan 16 Dezembro 2009
What inspired you to do this? Something out of the ordinary... Love it anyway! :D

Cydney whitlock 27 Dezembro 2009
My commet is that they are boring

Kifoiser 30 Dezembro 2009
Love it!!!!!!!

Rowena 1 Janeiro 2010
Live you sweetie pie XXXXXXXX

Noe 2 Janeiro 2010
Son buenisimos.

지혜 4 Janeiro 2010
멋진 일러스트네요!

frosty from maryland, usa 11 Janeiro 2010
Hi, I love your wallpaper, it's so cute! As a biologist, however, I wish you would add the final step of cytokinesis, where the cytoplasms split! The poor cells can't move on with their lives until then. Any plans in the works for v. 2.0?

Vlad Gerasimov 14 Janeiro 2010
frosty from maryland, usa: mmm, do you have a pic to illustrate what you mean? (please use contact form on my website, instead of comment) luca pasquadibisceglie: vice versa, too much work! I have many wallpapers in my head, though :-)

NELLY 20 Fevereiro 2010

nupur n shatakshi 16 Março 2010
it really helped us in passing biology exam

sanj.... 29 Março 2010
wallpapers r pretty good but i need some extremes and high defination one

Coolzone 30 Abril 2010

rachel wente-Chaney 20 Agosto 2010
So... After seeing the new wallpaper of Alice in July, I guess we know what inspired this one. Congrats again on your new addition!

Bárbara 25 Junho 2011

Belle 12 Agosto 2011
Wow Vlad, you never cease to amaze! Well done!

Shelley 4 Dezembro 2009

LucasDT 4 Dezembro 2009
This one is reallllly a good one Vlad. Thanks

dims 4 Dezembro 2009
wow so many artworks in such a short time :) thanx Vlad! your explorations into how things are done (or born) are always very curious and unexpected :)

Im :-) 5 Dezembro 2009
So cute and original...

Tusnelda 5 Dezembro 2009
Something different, + I like it!!!! Thanks, Vlad! :)

franchija 5 Dezembro 2009
Where Smiles Are Born (II° version of 2009)

Terry 5 Dezembro 2009
I'm not only amazed at your artistic skills, but I'm totally at AWE with your creativity and amazing ideas for your artwork. I don't know how you come up with all these masterpieces, but I honestly hope you never stop! :)

Heidi Lunkenheimer 6 Dezembro 2009
The mystery of life, finally revealed. Your artworks are not only artistically stunning and original, but also highly educational. ;)

CindyMV 7 Dezembro 2009
Greetings from Costa Rica, Vlad! Your work is so artistic and beautiful, I just love it! I spent 3 days downloading all 643 wallpapers in low quality 1600x1200, but that's just provisional...I will register as soon as I have the money! Your work definitely deserves our support! Thank you for making my desktop so pretty ^_^!

Vlad Gerasimov 9 Dezembro 2009
lacteo: you probably use Windows, so you will need some special program to mange it. I recommend DisplayFusion - simply because they integrated Vladstudio into their program!

Jo 12 Dezembro 2009
Meiosis would have just been too cruel :P

VladFan 16 Dezembro 2009
This would make a good mug decoration! :)

27 Dezembro 2009
Like it

M.G 31 Dezembro 2009
cute and funny :D i wish you could make something about Green Revolution in Iran ...

Ella-Bella 2 Janeiro 2010
i like it! it's so cute

Noe 2 Janeiro 2010
right size

dj.speedy 5 Janeiro 2010
hej er der Nogen der kan hjælpe mig vinduer xp opener ikke alle filler hvad? Hvad programmet opner det?mvh dj.speedy

luca pasquadibisceglie 12 Janeiro 2010
hi vlad .. beautiful wokd as usual but ... where are you? it's been a long time since this work .. long holydays or what? :-)

joyrex 14 Janeiro 2010
there's my new wallpaper :)

Георги Георгиев 14 Janeiro 2010
Добро е !!!!

ministro lama 22 Março 2010
ee hatha 3a6ona eya fel 3olom

vincent van der Kaaij 26 Março 2010
Your work is awesome!!

kgc 16 Abril 2010
0ne becomes two. What a high efficiency.

sina 2 Maio 2010
just wao

11 Janeiro 2011

THOMAS 27 Fevereiro 2011
very cool and cute

Michal Tatulinski 10 Setembro 2014
Very nice wallpaper :D

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