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Comentários {14}

Niloo 15 Fevereiro 2012
liked it dudee :D

Marcel 16 Fevereiro 2012
I definitely love the retro feel to it (not to mention the AiW text details - bonus!) This falls into my own favorite way of painting/drawing: symbolic, yet cheeky. From a pragmatic (wallpaper) POV though (and yes I know you already touched upon this) it is hard to use as a background, yet all I did was run it through Picnik's vignette effect (maximum strength/radius, color: crimson/black) and voila! I have a great contrast around the edges to see my icons, without sacrificing the integrity of your artwork. Sorry, I am a web designer after all :S

juria 4 Março 2012
E' proprio quello che cercavo per concentrarmi sul molto studio che mi resta!

ben.skf 5 Março 2012
very very nicee

human yang 27 Julho 2012

finn 10 Setembro 2012
Absolutely fine work!

George 15 Fevereiro 2012
So NICE! One more time, congratulations!

Kawoosh 16 Fevereiro 2012
Luckily i don't have any icons on my desktop, so perfect wallpaper (as usually), thanks, Vlad :-)

gail 16 Fevereiro 2012
it's awesome! i can use it as a desktop background just fine because i only have few icons and stuff on my desktop. :) glad i subscribed! :)

Jorge 17 Fevereiro 2012
I love books and I love your wallpapers. Thank you! This has become my favourite one right away.

mimi 24 Fevereiro 2012
really nice. I love u'r style of designs.thank u love;)

erfrew 1 Abril 2012

erfrew 1 Abril 2012

Dorothee 15 Dezembro 2014
Love it. ιт мαкєѕ мє


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