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Who Stole The Moon? Pencil Sketches

{5 Novembro 2010}

Every illustration starts with a sketch. I wanted to share the pencil sketches that I did to draw the book. I hope it will give you better vision of creative process, exciting but exhausting :-) Thanks!


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Comentários {8}

BS-Harou 5 Novembro 2010
This looks sooo cute! From the sixth one (the hedgehog with little mushrooms) would be really awesome wallpaper.

Barbara Hurst 5 Novembro 2010
Brilliant, each and every one :)

Christos Vasilakis 5 Novembro 2010

Vida Hernaus 6 Novembro 2010
they give such a warm feeling... fantastic! thanks a lot for sharing these with us :)

5 Novembro 2010
These are spoilers! Now Who Stole The Moon!

Margarida POrto 5 Novembro 2010
Fiquei encantada. São todos lindos. Que trabalho maravilhoso. Mas quem roubou a lua? Abraços

Sue 6 Novembro 2010
Your work is excellent as usual. I wish I could download the sketch of the child in the bed. Thank you again for the wonderment.

Dawn 21 Novembro 2010
This book has amazing pictures!!


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