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Introducing Vladstudio Facebook timeline covers!

{24 Janeiro 2012}

Make your Facebook timeline unique and beautitul with a cover designed by Vladstudio! Personalize it with custom message, designed to "pop out" from your Facebook profile photo. Facebook timeline covers are available for Vladstudio premium users.

For examples, and to create a cover, visit

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Comentários {13}

Ziani 24 Janeiro 2012
Awesome....thanks :)

Vlad Gerasimov 24 Janeiro 2012
Horatiu: can you compare what you see on Facebook with the original file you downloaded from Vladstudio?

Vlad Gerasimov 24 Janeiro 2012
Horatiu: I tested on my own Facebook account, and indeed, Facebook compresses cover image much worse than needed. I'll see if it can be configured anywhere. The cover you get from Vladstudio is saved with maximum (100) quality.

tkHWANG 24 Janeiro 2012
Great. Awesome...

Robert Holak 25 Janeiro 2012
Love this feature, but found a slight bug - if you use an apostrophe in your string, like "Robert's Facebook Page", it will change it to the HTML code and the cover graphic will say "Robert's Faceook Page"

Joy Clines 25 Janeiro 2012
You rock! Thanks so much! It looks fantastic.

tithi 3 Fevereiro 2012
Nice and fantastic look.

Horatiu 24 Janeiro 2012
It's great but the quality after uploading is a little funky. Is that because of Facebook? It didn't happen with any other photo..

Horatiu 24 Janeiro 2012
Sure thing Vlad: (original, from your site) and (same thing uploaded to Facebook)

Horatiu 24 Janeiro 2012
My thoughts exactly. I think the only solution is to get from here (sadly) a slightly compressed file so that Facebook doesn't feel the need to do so itself compromising the picture more than necessary.

Nathan Felton 24 Janeiro 2012
Awesome new feature! Love it! Thanks again =)

Robert Holak 25 Janeiro 2012
Oops - the comment entry form escaped it in the correct way! I will send an example via the contact form.

Vlad Gerasimov 25 Janeiro 2012
Robert Holak: got it! Will fix tomorrow. Thanks!


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