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  • Nome: Vlad Gerasimov
  • Gênero: Masculino
  • Nascimento: Janeiro 10, 1981
  • Local: Irkutsk, Russia

Interview with Vlad Gerasimov @ PsdTuts+
In this interview, Vlad shares with us his humble beginnings as a designer and how he got started with creating wallpapers as full-time self-employment. He also shares his ideas, inspirations, and future plans. Vlad has a unique style of illustration, with simple lines and shapes. His work has great themes, which promises to win the hearts of viewers and make them happy! So let’s move on to have a digital chat with him!

10 questions to Vlad from Vlad Studio @ Your Inspiration Web
If you are not acquainted with Vladislav Gerasimov and his work, I suggest you take a look at his personal website, where you’ll find many examples of his creative genius. Surfing on the Web you’ll notice how much Vladislav’s work is appreciated and loved by everyone. His illustrations and wallpapers -filled with colors, emotions and juxtapositions – have graced our desktops for many years now.

Meet Vladislav Gerasimov @ Weird Worm
I am not famous enough yet for others to write my biography :-) My biography so far is quite ordinary, except I was lucky to transform my hobby into business, and therefore, make my living with things I love to do. I am 29-year-old, live in cold but beautiful Siberian town, Irkutsk, near lake Baikal (deepest in the world). I have a wife Ira and a black cat Bob.

BBC News - Click Online offers the usual kind of digital art given away as desktop decorations. It's got good selection too, and just because it's not massively different doesn't stop it being good art. There are some stunning scenes to choose from here. Download instructions are pretty obvious, and there are plenty of resolutions to choose from.

Zazzle Featured Seller Interview With Vlad Gerasimov
Vlad Gerasimov, aka vladstudio, has been a Zazzler since 2004. He was kind enough to answer some questions about his artwork, and his time with Zazzle. Check out the interview below and don’t forget to check out his store Vladstudio!

Interview with Vlad Gerasimov @
Vlad is an extremely talented artist from Russia, whom — we are sure — a lot of our readers know by his gorgeous wallpapers, photographs and graphics. Every time we have a dull day, we check out his site for inspiration and refreshing imagery.

Interview with Vlad Gerasimov @
Vlad Gerasimov is a multi-talented artist based in Irkutsk, Russia. [...] Vlad is one of the few graphic artists I have encountered who bring a new dimension and a fresh perspective to the world of digital illustration. Too often, computer-generated designs are one-dimensional, lifeless, and stale ? the edges are too straight, the shadows are not believable, the colors look flat, the images lack creativity, and the characters have no personality, but when you gaze into Vlad?s designs, you feel like a child lost in a wonderland, looking through the hourglass. Although the characters in Vlad?s illustrations are cartoons, often represented by shapes and lines, they are no less expressive than a photorealistic rendering of a face, and their personalities, hopes, whims, and emotions are right there in front of you...

Interview With The Creative Digital Artist Vlad Gerasimov
With a great spirit of innocence and purity we will be here today with the wonderful Russian artist Vlad Gerasimov! I was always -and still- keen to follow his amazing website and all his works firsthand to enjoy it on my desktop. All of his works have an extremely high level of professionalism in resolution as well as choice of colors, and each piece contains a word or a story! What a lovely unique illustrations he has!!! It’s really sends the comfort and serenity when viewed! Vlad has a great deal of talent and uniqueness so that able to highlight the beauty from and with simplest stuff! You’ll see here what will pleased your eyes truly, and I bet that your screen will be the dearest friend with his wallpapers as mine!