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My little Alice! ·13 July 2010

I am a father! On July 3, our first baby, Alice, was born. Welcome to the wonderful world, my little Alice!

I created a simple wallpaper about her:


New wallpaper sizes: 640x960, 960x640 (for iPhone 4), 800x960, 960x800 (for Android) ·26 June 2010
The title says it all :-) Most of my wallpapers are now available in these new sizes, targeted to new iPhone 4, and various Android devices with 480x800 screens. Check out the new sizes on every wallpaper page. Thanks!


John’s Background Switcher 4.2 features Vladstudio wallpapers integration! ·17 May 2010
The latest release of very popular program for Windows, John’s Background Switcher, includes integration of Vladstudio wallpapers. Let me quote the author:

Vladstudio wallpapers are created by digital artist Vlad Gerasimov and once you start using them for your desktop you won’t bother using any other picture source if you’re anything like me. If you’re a registered Vladstudio user you can enter your credentials into JBS and benefit from the full-sized non-branded wallpapers. If not you’ll still see high resolution wallpapers and I’m sure soon enough you’ll be signing up yourself!

Thanks John!

Read more about John’s Background Switcher


Introducing Magic Baby Gifts! ·28 April 2010
I'm happy to announce a new feature of Vladstudio - Magic Baby Gifts! Right now, there is only one gift available, but more coming soon.

Give your baby a very special gift - a cartoon designed specially for him or her! Your baby will become the main character of animated movie, enjoying the company of fairy-tale creatures from Vladstudio.

Movie is created by my sister, Julia. Many thanks to her!

Read more:


[Solved!] Companion users - please delete Companion from your computers ·16 April 2010
[UPDATE] - after 2 sleepless nights, I suddenly solved the problem of Mac Companion overloading Vladstudio site, though I am not sure how exactly I did this. Anyway, all should be working now! The post below is for historical purposes only.

Couple of days ago (not sure when exactly), something happened with all Vladstudio Companions for Mac around the world. They went crazy and started sending request to my site many times every second. Every Companion receives short piece of information, such as wallpaper name and link to an image. Still, for a single day, these requests took away 250 Gb of bandwidth. Requests come from all around the world, not from single IP. That means ALL instances of Companion are affected by this strange behavior. I am going crazy trying to understand why it could happen.

So I had to either lose entire website, or disable the Companion scripts, which I did.

If you are Mac Companion user, please help me by quitting the app and deleting it until I find the solution. Thanks!

UPDATE: there is a light in the end of tunnel. However, for Mac users of Companion, I also have to ask you to open your Home folder, go to Library/Preferences/ and remove the following file: com.vladstudio.VSCompanion.plist. Or, simply paste this into Terminal:

rm -f ~/Library/Preferences/com.vladstudio.VSCompanion.plist

Thanks for your understanding!


Who stole the moon? (The first children's book from Vladstudio!) ·15 March 2010

I've been updating my website slower than usually. This is due to two big projects I am working on hard. One is business and confidential, so maybe later :-) and the other is - the children's book!

Read the announcement and view some pencil sketches and completed artwork

Is this book interesting for you? Would you buy it? Your feedback is very much appreciated!


Introducing Vladstudio Puzzles for iPhone! ·18 December 2009
Great news! My puzzles are coming to your iPhones! Check out the game:

Thanks to the developer, Jacob Bandes-Storch, for his hard work. Vladstudio Puzzles has been submitted to the App Store and is currently in review. ollow @puzzlesapp on Twitter for status updates! Or, visit the page above, enter your e-mail below and we'll notify you when the game is released.


Kompanion (yes, with K) for KDE! ·3 April 2007


Vladstudio Companion for Mac OS X 2.0.2 updated ·8 December 2009
I unexpectedly received the update from the developer of Vladstudio Companion for Mac, with the following notice:

I was finally able to get around to updating the OS X Companion app for Snow Leopard. :) That nasty bug where it would fail to set wallpapers on computers with only one monitor should be fixed now.

Thanks, Brandon!
If you use Companion on Mac, please download update here.


Christmas gifts! ·4 December 2009
The biggest holiday is coming again, and I have some gifts for you!


I'll try to come up with couple more wallpapers before holidays, I have some ideas and just wish I had time to draw them all.


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