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Vintage effect - PSD template file included!

I stumbled upon this short tutorial from Veerle, and it inspired me  to create and publish template Photoshop file producing similar effect.

Click here to download PSD file

All you need to  do is open this file in Photoshop, resize to meet your photo size, and then paste photo into target layer as shown here.

Thanks to Veerle for the idea! Another small touch that I added to  my PSD file is slightly distorted edges of images (made with vector mask, not pixels, so will work well even for very large photos).

Here is sample before and after images. Enjoy!

← Siberian Winter - making of Rainbows - making of →

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imooann 31 Януари 2008

john 2 Февруари 2008

Sri-Mulyono Hardadi 3 Февруари 2008
bravo. hope you make it PDF.

Vengat 9 Февруари 2008

sau 9 Март 2008

MaLuni 5 Юни 2008
Thanks Vlad for all you inspirational work and tips on this site! You are such a great creator! This kind of effect, what we in sweden call " lins vinjettering" you also can get and modify as you want in camera raw with fantastic results! It is a distortion from the camera lins that you can take away or ad. Again thank you for your great site... Love MaLuni

12 Октомври 2009

Maria 2 Февруари 2010
добрый день, Влад, кажется теперь можно Моне пойти покурить?

Moky 9 Април 2010
Espectacular! Adoro Aprender com voçe! beijos de Portugal

Contus 8 Април 2011
wow.. great one.. definitely the greatest!! This is what I call an ultimate collection.. thanks and keep posting..!!

15 Май 2011
Not bad........

ahmed 31 Декември 2011
chutia bana rahay hain

sruchit 31 Януари 2008
Super Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

lisa 1 Февруари 2008
love it

d4b 9 Февруари 2008

anim8or 12 Февруари 2008

Miedo 14 Април 2008
Super thanks!

Алексей 9 Август 2008
Спасибо за облегчение жизни, Влад!

rish6thgod 25 Септември 2008
great tuts

isobay.com 20 Ноември 2008
bu ne yaw türkçeleri yokmu bunun?

Kuki 20 Март 2009

Elenuchi 21 Юли 2009

Vishal 27 Октомври 2009
Vlad you rock! I always look at such amazing wallpaper and thought how people do it. Your tutorials are eye opener and are easy to understand and follow. God Bless you! Keep up the good work!

<3 1 Август 2010

Mistee 16 Октомври 2010
This is really lovely! And I downloaded the PSD to fiddle around with. However, when I loaded it into my PS CS2, it removed 2 layers it could not read and was discarded upon opening it. While it still looks .. nice, it doesn't look near the quality of your after image. =3

Sanuj 17 Април 2015

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