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Lion - making of

This is  my first video tutorial ever!
Do check out this video first, it shows all 3 hours of drawing in less than 3 minutes, and it's quite funny too :-)

If you would like to watch it  in real time, download vladstudio_lion_makingof.m4v (256 Mb, 3 hours 12 minutes). Right now, I did not put my voice with commentaries, no time for that (as always! argh). I'll see if  I can do  it later - however, the video itself should be quite self-explanatory. You will probably want to fast-forward it often, but I decided not to cut the video myself, and publish full version, because everybody will want to skip different parts.

I hope you will find it useful - let me know your opinion in the comments! Thanks.

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Lock 1 Юли 2011
I'm g a 403 forbidden error if i try to download the 3h version. However, many thanks Vlad, this is the best gift you could give us. I always wondered how you could create such wonderful art, now I can have some hints without having all the magic fading away. :]

Vladimir Shchegolev 4 Юли 2011
Thank you Vlad, you are the best Graphic Designer I ever know, and thank you for your Teaching it's really help, wish you'll create more. Thank you and have a wonderful Independent Day!!!

Irina 8 Юли 2011
I was just wondering how could someone get SO GOOD at graphic design?! Your work is really amazing! I am jealous :)

andrei 22 Юли 2011
e misto ...dar totusi cum invatam si noi cum l-ai facut ?

Jorge 25 Юли 2011
Your work is amazing! You are truly talented :)

ZioMac 31 Юли 2011

Dan 2 Август 2011

Алекс 6 Август 2011
Владение фотошопом безупречное)

peng zhou 10 Август 2011
10 stars!! this is very awesome!!

Laura 13 Август 2011
Wow, this is just amazing. I just got Photoshop and other Adobe programs but I'm not even close to making something as marvellous as your creations. I love your style!

Emese 4 Септември 2011
Bámulatos :)

alim 9 Септември 2011
vlad - amazing as always..you have a great talent!

Liliana 9 Септември 2011
Hello, since I saw your picture I was thinking how the textures have done? And now I know, thanks. Your work is great.

14 Октомври 2011
I love your work! All the best from Italy ^__^

Vlad Gerasimov 16 Ноември 2011
Toryford - try VLC from http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ - always worked for me.

Anar Quliyev(from Azerbaijan) 8 Декември 2011
How to download this Music???

Veronika 30 Декември 2011
Thank you Vlad. I saw the whole 3 hours video and made it :). Its wonderful. Can you please in future show layers with greater thumbnail size? You can change it in window Layers / Panel options. Sometimes I didnt know, what did you have in layer you work with. ...and can you please give some list of your own defined shortcuts which you use? (Or its default shortcuts in Mac? I have Windows). Sometimes I didnt know what are you doing :) (you use many shotcuts and the video isnt commented). Thanks!

Vlad Gerasimov 20 Октомври 2012
John - fixed the link, thanks!

Tim 26 Януари 2013
Blown away!

JProductions 16 Юни 2013
awsome, very cute, thanks for tuts :)

slim 4 Март 2014
i like it

Vlad Gerasimov 1 Юли 2011
Lock: fixed that! Thanks for the note.

Lock 1 Юли 2011
thanks to you, so quick! :] can't wait to see the full video.

Mercedes 3 Юли 2011
Very interesting. And the lion is so cute! i'll try to see the full versión. Thanks Vlad!

omid 6 Юли 2011

Emad Falsafi 6 Юли 2011

Andre Vanderbauwhede 21 Юли 2011
I just installed Lion, and it appears that my Wallpaper clock only appears on one of the Spaces; is there a way to get my wallpaper clock on all spaces?

X71 27 Юли 2011
Great job, bravo.

Nicole 30 Юли 2011
It's so fast!

maccca 2 Август 2011
Shot, that was pretty much amazing.

Cyril 10 Август 2011
Andre Vanderbauwhede: Hi, you must set the picture for each of your screen, it is actually better, so you could use different works of Vlad for each of your Spaces. Vlad, you rock!

Arien 14 Август 2011

ruslanstepanov 17 Август 2011
Great tutorial! Many thanks! ^_^

Mollie 8 Септември 2011
WOW... This is just amazing. Really really amazing! Such skill, honestly, I go no where else for my wallpapers. A true artist & genius.

c2d22 17 Септември 2011
lovely tutorial

mariadelsol 17 Септември 2011
really amazing!!.....cute, thanks for share it

toryford 16 Ноември 2011
Can anyone open the long file m4v on your own computer? Please help? all my video programms dive error on this file :(

moonlightglam. 23 Ноември 2011
Beautiful! I want a Mac. . . and Photoshop again. :(

Vlad Gerasimov 31 Декември 2011
Veronika: you're absolutely right - I'll try to make audio commentary as well as publish my Photoshop shortcuts as soon as I can. Right now, it is not really full tutorial, but rather just "making of" video. I thought it'd be useful anyway :-) Thanks!

your the best! 26 Януари 2012
its awesome....but can we have you talked over the video???!! anyways, thank you!!!!!!!!!

John 19 Октомври 2012
I'm really amazed at these videos! I tried to download the real time video from the link above but I think I think it's linking to the other video -- "Halloween on a Little Planet".

贝壳 31 Март 2013

caz 1 Август 2013
好棒^^ 謝謝

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