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Space Wind

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Vlad Gerasimov 1 July 2009
By request, this is background part of previous wallpapers, Horse Rider and Guitarist. Thanks!

← Guitarist Sound Wave →

Comments {16}

Oziel 2 July 2009
Cool paradise! thx Vlad

qbr_tr 3 July 2009
i lost myselffffff...... (:

LG 5 July 2009
Thanks a lot!!!

Vlad Gerasimov 8 July 2009
Mofard: hmm, no I did not! Please use contact form to contact me with details. Thanks.

Matthew Long 14 July 2009
Amazing Vlad!! Where do you get all of these brilliant ideas? You're a genius! Einstein!!

ferry 3 November 2009
like always ....a work of genius ... thanx Vladimir ....

Dejan Josimov 16 June 2012
Thank you for this part of the space!

Lamppa 31 December 2015
My third favorite. I love the colors and the sense of space!

Lewys 2 July 2009
Nice. More spacey themed wallpapers! I like them.

efand 2 July 2009
nice work vlad!

Mofard 8 July 2009
you made the unregistered wallpapers hq too so people can download them for free

Alberto De Armas 10 July 2009
lov it

Mofard 13 July 2009
nevermind Vlad its not hq anymore, only for that day for some reason

Stefano Bagnatica 22 August 2009
This is an amazing background!

8 August 2010
i like it!!!!

gina 3 April 2013

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