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The Flax Fairy

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Vlad Gerasimov 20 July 2009
I found this little fairy in  my friend's garden, and immediately took a photo! (She lives inside flax flowers).

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Comments {52}

Lucy 20 July 2009
lovely fairy !! and nice photo ^^

Frost 20 July 2009
Vlad, you're the coolest artist ever. Your work never ceases to amaze me.

Oomu 20 July 2009
I love the idea and the little fairy but as a desktop background, the blur is too tiring for the eyes, no ?

Piotr Maliszewski 20 July 2009
Cudnie, piękna tapeta.

Charles 21 July 2009
omg ~ it so lovely~~~~

John Hanam 21 July 2009
Cool - very nice touch! What do you shoot with? Still using the 400D? John

Kara 21 July 2009

Ye Liu 21 July 2009
Very beautiful!!!

LNY 21 July 2009
Love the way you draw those little fairies! The one in your rainbow and electricity wallpaper too[i forgot the wallpaper names] <3<3<3

Leti 21 July 2009
Cute!!! I love it

Jeffrey Gibbons 22 July 2009
Awesome, I love blurry desktops, as long as they are so blurry you're not trying to focus on it, looks great!

Jaideep Nadkarni 22 July 2009
Such a serene beauty! Awesome...

22 July 2009
ох, красотища!!!

Ard1 23 July 2009
again and again very cute design, AND, why you didn,t answer my e-mail,

Tusnelda 25 July 2009
We could do with a *Canola Fairy* for our crops! Beautiful clours, Vlad, as usual, perfect! Thanks, Vlad.

megin 25 July 2009
AWESOME! [I ♥ it]

destiny 4 August 2009
just magical :) lovin' it!

Brumlicek 7 August 2009
lovely! fairies are my favorite:)

rose 8 September 2009
love it

lili 26 September 2009
mm !!!! c ' est pas très beau !!!

L. Augustine 5 October 2009
I love all your work- and this is no exception! Flax Flowers are truly beautiful little flowers. I had some grow up and actually bloom in an area I threw some raw flax seed for the birds. I love faeries too-- and have actually had an encounter with one . This is a nice tongue in cheek depiction of them. Thanks for your beautiful work!

23 May 2010

justin bieber.2 second 17 August 2010
that's good..........little fairy.nice one

Sean Wrony 19 March 2012
Thank you for this Nice Picture :)

Sean Wrony 19 March 2012
Thank you for this Nice Picture :)

Sascha 2 May 2013
Please help me!! It won't let me download it!! It will open it in Text Wrangler!! Please!! Help will be greatly appreciated!! I LOVE this wallpaper!! HEEEELLPP PPLLEEAASSEE!!!!

su hyn 2 August 2013
cute fairy!! bt ...this clock is not updating in offline!!! disappointed

Justin Murray 20 July 2009
nope. this one does nothing for me. i love the calming colors of this piece, but other than that, there is nothing that grabs me in this one. the idea of it it is nice, but it in my opinion it didnt translate well in the final piece. i hate when i dont like a piece of yours....thank goodness it very rarely happens. :)

Vlad Gerasimov 20 July 2009
Oomu: it is indeed! For some reason, I feel fine having it as desktop background, but my wife says it is too blurred too. Alas! This is how my photo came out, I'm unable to edit it. But i wanted to publish this anyway - I liked this as an artwork. Sorry for inconvenience :-)

tamalita 21 July 2009
oh how lovely! fairies are my favorite!

21 July 2009
Little fairy!!! Oh my gosh!!! :)

Arthur Pustynin 21 July 2009
Влад, приятная и красивая фотография, как раз то, что искал на рабочий стол в эти дни.

Katherine Appleby 21 July 2009
Awww! She's so cute! Love it! :)

ChrisitneA 21 July 2009
Hmmm... I just set it to my background and it is a bit hard to look at, but that fairy is just too cute!!! Totally makes up for the fuzziness. :D Thanks Vlad!

Zil 22 July 2009
I love love love the little Flax Fairy!!!!! Thanks, Vlad!

Katie 22 July 2009
Oh my gosh I love it, I love it, I love it. :3

22 July 2009
Cute idea!

Anais 23 July 2009
OMG!!!! This is so freaking cute, I feel like squealing as loud as I can (though I'm at work so it's probably not a good idea...) This is lovely!

dims 24 July 2009
отличная идея совместить фото с рисунком :) единственное что бросается в глаза - слегка перешарпленые лепестки

breen 31 July 2009

Lucie 2 August 2009
Je nádherná.Diky

k 4 September 2009

rose 8 September 2009

Mary Shelli 4 October 2009
Hi Vlad! I'm 13 & I luv your wallpapers & I hope to become an awesome artist just like you! What genius!

Ewey 20 October 2009
Love it! Have had another of your wps on my desktop for months - longer than I've ever kept one. Keep it up!

Mike 27 October 2009
This is really cool

Doreen 3 January 2010

Tauheed 27 May 2011
Beautiful Picture and graphics.

19 February 2012

hyourinseta 29 January 2013
what's the font you used for the clock?

Heeeelllpp!!! 2 May 2013
It doesn't work!! I can't download it!! Do you need an account or something??? I am in love with this desktop, but I can't get it to work!! Someone help please!!!

su hyn 2 August 2013
sry its updating!!!!!!thnkx..

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