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Where Tahrs Live

Where Tahrs Live

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Коментарі {52}

Michael Iseard 10 Березень
Love it! To bad you missed the Ubuntu deadline though. Never mind, can still use this when 14.04 gets released :-)

Kelcey 10 Березень
I have so missed the joy of discovering new Vlad wallpapers of late, thankyou for delighting us with such a stunning piece of art:)

Sondre Selnes 10 Березень
Fantastic design! This design has a very special vision of its own. I love it !

Jean-Pierre 10 Березень
your wallpapers are very instructive on art

Pop Al 10 Березень
this is a wonderful! you are a true art master!

Betsey Butler 11 Березень
what a surprise this morning.....thank you my friend!!!!

Sean 11 Березень
Wow, so much detail for a simple concept! I love your backgrounds vlad :)

roberta 12 Березень
we really like it, thanks

George Mariot 13 Березень
Beautiful as always Vlad!

Livanco 13 Березень
Очень красиво ! Поставил на все устройства в доме в качестве обоев , уже думал ты Влад забросил свой проект , рад что нет :)! А на тематику олимпийских игр не собираешься красоту нарисовать ?

mik 16 Березень
Thanks for sharing!

mik 16 Березень
I cannot recall a time when I haven't had one of vlad's wallpapers as my desktop background!

Maney 27 Березень

devinT 2 Травень
As always, this looks Great! Thanks! :)

hitooluv+nature 2 Липень
art connect my soul..!

Tony Frost 11 Липень
This wallaparer is really awesome. Great great work

Daniel Jenkins 31 Липень
The following is not a comment, but a question, If I might ask one? Which size zip works with the iPad with retina display? I can't figure it out! Where would I find this information on your site? THANKS,

Huỳnh Bảo Tâm 25 Серпень
nice :3 :3 :3 design more, thank :3

Huỳnh Bảo Tâm 25 Серпень
why not have 2160x1920 (Xperia Z1) ? -_-"

Krishna 11 Вересень
What a pleasant surprise! Love the mountains ... Best wishes to you and yours!

Cool 4 Жовтень
Nice and simple, I like that stuff. keep being awesome!!

beerlady 19 Жовтень
Simple and very beautiful :) I like mountains, and these warm colours look perfect. Thank you :)

มณฑลเสฉวน 18 Листопад

Wanqing 24 Листопад
Love it! Truly awesome piece. Keep up the good work I really enjoy your designs :)

Михаил 19 Грудень 08:07
Невероятно сказочные работы! Но ещё и свой узнаваемый стиль! Просто здорово!

Darrin Wan 10 Березень
Love the Himalayan mountain scene. Reminds me of 'purple mountains majesty'. Nice job!

E>B 10 Березень

Bert Leithold 10 Березень
Sorry you missed the competition cutoff, but I was so excited this morning to find on my RSS feed you posted a new -- and beautiful -- wallpaper that I can enjoy! You've still got that something special I so love about your art. THANK YOU!

Leo L. 10 Березень
Vlad, that's as simple as beautiful. Welcome back !

Jaideep Nadkarni 10 Березень

Sotirios Soulantikas 11 Березень
Welcome back, Vlad, with a great wallpaper!

Martin Stružský 11 Березень
After so many months… great new wallpaper, thanks!

Audine Ward 12 Березень
Oh I've missed you ! Just beautiful

Fabrice Poissonnier 13 Березень
Magnifique travail...Et quelle joie de vous retrouver...Continuez encore à nous faire rêver...Grâce à vous, le musée nous rend visite sur notre écran... Merci.

Amir 14 Березень
I love this...!

James Manes 14 Березень
Beautiful work. Love it.

- 15 Березень
Vlad, you could make a wallpaper that supports Ukraine's sovereignty.

Salah AbuEin 18 Березень
Beautiful work.

Peter Petto 24 Березень
Thanks so much, I really like having your artwork on my computer...and am delighted with this one especially.

jo 23 Травень
love it

Maria J. 9 Липень
Thank you so much for sharing your work! It's always a treat to visit your website :)

jelle 14 Липень
i dont know how to download it wen i save is it looks rally bad

Brian DeWitt 2 Серпень
Excellent art! My 3-year old loves this one.

Geoff 13 Серпень
Hope you are having a great summer

Linda 15 Серпень
I have a lifetime subscription since a few years but sadly I see fewer wallpapers every year. Don't know if it's still worth it...

Anthony Previte 11 Вересень
love this! make more like this!!!

nate 21 Вересень
Great stuff you got here

Alessandro Pisaniello 18 Жовтень
Hi Vlad Are you still alive????

jack 28 Жовтень
I have read this article and I need to say that this informative article is awesome and good prepared. We Provide you hd wallpapers for Happy New Year 2015

Richard 13 Грудень
Please don't let this be the last desktop.

Valentine Andreev 17 Грудень 19:32
Isn’t it time you drew a unicorn?

Tomáš Soldán 17:17
Hello Vlad, I miss your arts so much! Especialy now the christmass arts. I believe you are too busy to do some. Well, there is nothing we can do, but to be sad. Or is it?

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