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Visible Light

Visible Light

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Comments {25}

Moni Janzen 5 February 2012
Sometimes the very simple things are the most beautiful. :-) I love it.

Vida Hernaus 6 February 2012
Very neat!

Evan Morse 6 February 2012
The simple stuff is always the best stuff. : ) The stuff that takes a while is pretty good, too, I suppose. :P

Walter 12 February 2012
Make it as simple as possible, but not simpler... Love it, thanks Vlad!

Moni Janzen 15 February 2012
This is a perfect background for my Android mobile phone. Icons, clock, and calendar widget are perfectly visible and easy to read. Yet the colored lines add an interesting touch to it. :-)

Lucas 24 April 2012
My new iPhone lock screen wallpaper!

António Costa 20 October 2012
Love it!

doria 20 January 2013
Perfect for desktop / Android set. TQ! :)

Андрей 10 February 2013
Успехов! Продолжай в том же духе

Me Olvidaras 23 August 2013
Y tu te vas

priyansh360 21 July

opticaline linija! 17 November
communicate of fiberglass ?

mhtrinh 5 February 2012
Simply beautiful !!

tamalita 6 February 2012
I love it.

Patricia Torick 6 February 2012
Very cool.

Skyrider 8 February 2012
G'day Vlad, Mate, I love the way you use the spectrum colours. This one will look good alongside "Rainbows", which, by the way, I think is one of your best pieces.

Antonio Costa 18 February 2012
Love it.

dorian 25 March 2012
Lost 4 words

anom. 31 March 2012
vždyť nejde nic použít jako tapetu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Juan 11 December 2012
muy bueno

momo 7 February 2013

Cap Obvious 19 April 2013
Always look on the bright side of life!

David 27 May 2013
Amazing work.

ME 11 September
how to dowload or do anything

>>ME 11 September 17 November
Just do anything :)

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